Vladimir Yezersky: "Sparring with Armenia should be interesting"

U-18 Ukraine U-XNUMX head coach Vladimir Yezersky told the latest news from his team camp.

yesterday night youth team of Ukraine (players not older than 2002 of birth) went to Armenia, where he will hold two control duels with local peers. And on the eve of the departure of the driver of blue and yellow Vladimir Yezersky answered questions from the official website of the UAF.

- Vladimir Ivanovich, are all the players who came to the gathering healthy?

- We are all well. The guys work with pleasure. Thank you to the UAF management that our collection is under excellent conditions.

- Due to the absence of Dynamo Kyiv players at this meeting, did your coaching staff plans somehow change?

- Every football player's dream is to put on a national team T-shirt and not specifically allow players to do it - to put it mildly, it is wrong. They do not receive international experience, so their development is hampered. And this may be the future of Dynamo.

We urgently had to call the artists from the expanded list. But I want to thank all the clubs that provided the players for the national team. All the guys came in good condition. We have fulfilled what we have planned, so we will try to consolidate the trained one with good game and result in friendly matches with the Armenian national team.

- Is this a chance for performers who are not so often called to the national team?

- Of course. And after a few training sessions, I noticed that there were football players among them who could fight for a place in the lineup. It all depends on them.

- What are the strengths of the Armenian national team?

- To my knowledge, the director of the department of all national teams of this country is a Spaniard. Armenians have developed one program for all national teams. We watched two of their fights. The team is trying to demonstrate technical football, control the ball. There are several individually strong players. Our sparring should come out interesting.

- Where will the matches take place?

- In Yerevan, the new base of the Armenian national teams. On October 11, the match will begin at 11.00 Kyiv and on the 13th at 12.00.

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