Andriy Shevchenko: "Today we will hold a training session, after which a sleepless night is probably waiting for me ..."

Head coach of the national team of Ukraine Andriy Shevchenko spoke with media representatives at the pre-match press conference ahead of the game with Lithuania in the Euro-2020 selection.

- What does the team feel like on the eve of the match with Lithuania - confidence, calmness or courage?

- Definitely, there is confidence in the team. It is important to achieve a positive result, and for us it is only a victory. We play at home, we have big goals. Players are tuning in for a duel, wanting to show good football and results.

- How do guys feel? Are there any staffing issues?

- Everything is fine with Nikolenko. He did not even have damage, but some discomfort. We gave him a few days to recover, tested him. Yesterday, Vitaliy had a full training and will be preparing for the game. The same applies to other players - everyone is in optimal shape.

- Can you recall your goal at the goal of Alexander Filimonov in connection with the 20th anniversary of this match?

- It's been so long ... Time is flying by fast. It was a very important fight. We achieved a result that allowed us to take second place in the group and move on. It was a principled match. When the striker approaches the ball, he always tries to hit the goal. Filing is a blow, a person is mistaken. If you do not hit the goal in such situations, you will not make the cyper make a mistake. It's already in the past, but still nice. Is this goal special? In that selection we got into one group with Russia, it was an important match. Of course, he was very remembered.

- Are the players and coaches preparing for the match with Lithuania with the understanding that in the event of tomorrow's victory, we are 99,9% away for Euro 2020?

- I absolutely disagree with that. We are facing the challenge of winning tomorrow's duel. The national team must hold all matches at a certain level. I do not think that in case of victory over Lithuania, we will completely decide the fate of the selection cycle. And I convey this mood to the guys. First of all, because they have a responsibility to the fans for the result. The standings indicate that there are options. This must be taken into account and adjusted for the win in each duel.

- Recently, in the doubled rounds, the Ukrainian national team has shown a more confident game in the first matches. Did you notice this trend? Can it cause difficulties?

- I don't know what will happen in the second match. First of all we have to spend first. It is a very important victory for us, I prepare the boys to play with Lithuania. After this meeting, let's look at the result and move forward.

- Do you have any premonitions for the game?

- One's foreboding is only a victory.

- The team is now stunningly challenged, especially on the flanks. Have you already decided who will start?

- Today we will hold a training session, after which I will probably have a sleepless night. This is an important point, as all attack players are in very good shape. This choice of performers is a plus for me. Let's think, let's decide tomorrow.

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