Ruslan Rotan: “The guys won't have to tune into Denmark once again. Team motivation will be sufficient »

Head coach of the Ukrainian national team Ruslan Rotan believes that the whole fight for the Euro-2021 (U-21) is still ahead.

Results of the Ukrainian national team gathering for the Euro-2021 (U-21) qualifying tournament against Romania (0: 3) and a friendly match with Greece (2-0), head coach of the blue and yellow Ruslan Rotan.

- Ruslana Petrovich, after three matches of selection, Ukraine's youth team put itself in a difficult position in the fight for the European Championship?

- Nobody is going to give up, I am sure that the whole fight is still ahead. Of course, we wanted another result, so we deserve criticism.

Not as an excuse, but I will say that our way is difficult, we are dramatically changing the scheme of the game, so it is difficult to get used to football players so quickly. This is all new to them. But, again, we do not give up the fight, the "youth" wants to be at the European Championship. I believe that it can work out for us.

- Were there some positive points?

- Of course. It is important that guys have a desire. The only thing left to precipitate is a match with the Romanian national team. Quite differently, the coaching staff expected football players to control the ball. We disassembled this game, explained everything to the ward. Hopefully, playing the first number will be better in the future. A lot of quality sparring organized by the UAF should help us with that.

- Is the closest match against the Denmark national team to be held decisive for the Blue and Yellows on November 15?

- Guys will not need to be once again tuned to the group leader. Motivation in the national team of Ukraine will be sufficient. But mentors first and foremost require the performers of the quality of the game, not the result. The result will definitely come if the actions of the team are coordinated, which we try to explain to the ward.

- It seemed that at the September and October meetings in the paired matches, the youth team performed better in the second matches ...

- Our football is different from what the performers show in their clubs. So the longer we get together, the better the guys start to meet our requirements. But I would like the players to switch more quickly to the national team match, which I always ask them to do. And the sooner they understand it, the better it will be for all of us.

- You sometimes transferred Cheberk from defense to midfield. Is there a "youth" the biggest problems?

- There were nuances. But, to me, Cheberko is a midfielder. He is reasonably well-prepared physically, intelligent, so we try to use him more often there.

- Ukraine has missed four of the five goals in the last 15 minutes of the match. Why so?

- What is most alarming is the different playing tone of the guys, so sometimes they are not enough for 90 minutes. And on this subject, we lead with the ward conversations that a professional, even in spite of all difficulties, should be physically ready not for 90 minutes, but for 120 minutes.

- Are there any players that have disappointed you to some extent?

- Young performers are characterized by instability, but I am confident in all the players I work with. I see the potential in them. The difficulties, I believe, are temporary, so far the guys have to start understanding our requirements as soon as possible.

The youth team wants to be similar to the main team of the country, which I congratulate on reaching the final of the Euro. They are good fellows, they did their job qualitatively. We are striving for such football.

- Did you talk to Andriy Shevchenko about releasing Andrey Lunin and Vitaliy Mykolenko to the match against the Danes?

- We will still communicate with the head coach of the first team. But she is also the first to have the best domestic performers in her composition. That is why we need to help the staff of the country's main team. But if Lunin and Nikolenko appear in the youth team, we will be glad to do so.

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