Oleksandr Kosenko: "Now we will wait for the rivals, who will play in one group of elite round"

The head coach of the Ukrainian national football team Oleksandr Kosenko summed up the results of his wards in the main round of the 2020 World Cup.

From the 24th to the 27th of October in the North Macedonian Skopje, blue and yellow participated in the World Cup qualifying matches. Based on the main selection round, our team took second place, so it will continue to fight in the elite round. Head coach of the national team of Ukraine Oleksandr Kosenko evaluated such result in an interview Futsal Association of Ukraine.

- Summarize the performance of the team in the main round of European Qualification for the 2020 World Cup.

- We went to the elite round. Of course, it is a pity not to come first. We will wait for the draw.

- During these three meetings, you were surprised by someone andfrom rivals?

- We were preparing for the matches, so we knew what to expect from each of our opponents. We had no difficulties in the matches against the teams of Kosovo and Northern Macedonia. But Slovenia is a pretty good, solid team. I think that the draw was a natural result in the confrontation with this rival.

- What was not enough to defeat the Slovenians face-to-face meeting (2: 2), which actually determined the final allocation of seats in the group?

- In opposition to an equal opponent, everything can be solved by one micro episode. With the score 2: 1 we had the opportunity to score a third time and win the match. It is such episodes and performing skills that can tip the scales in your favor in a draw. We were expecting a difficult match with a worthy opponent. Of course, our team counted on three points. However, as a result, we were forced to settle for a draw.

- After defeating Northern Macedonia with a score of 5: 1, did you suspect that the Slovenians could score the right amount of goals for Kosovo to finish first?

- They didn't think much about it. They just watched the events of the match.

- During the tournament, you constantly rotated in the fours. Are you satisfied with the effect of such decisions?

- This question can be answered by the course of matches. Such changes gave us more freshness. Repeatedly, the non-top four performers were able to score and revive the game.

- How will the national team prepare for the elite round?

- There is a UEFA window in December, but we have not decided yet. We have several options, but who the Ukrainian national team will play with will become known a little later.

- The elite round draw will take place on November 7. Who would you like to meet as part of this stage?

- It depends on me a little. We will be waiting for the rivals to play with in the same group and carefully prepare for face-to-face matches with each of them.

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