UAF Football Academy Open: Round 8 matches have taken place

On Saturday, November 9 at the venues of NTC them. V. Bannikov hosted the matches of the 8th round of the UAF Football Academy Championship.

On the artificial fields of the NTC. V. Bannikov, on the initiative of the Ukrainian Football Association and with the support of the Foundation for the Development of Football of Ukraine, is hosting the first championship of the UAF Football Academy.


The competitions are attended by 10 metropolitan children's teams, formed of footballers of 2010 year of birth. The championship will end on May 30, 2020.

The first UAF FA Championship. 8nd round

NFC - NFC - Champion - 1: 0

UAF FA - Kyiv IC - 0: 5

Troyeshchyna FC - Winner Football Club - 7: 1


Benfica FA - Hoverla FC - 2: 5

SC KNUTD - FC «Favorite» - 1: 1


26.02.2020 11:02

The UAF Football Academy Open Championship will resume on April 4

April 4, 2020 at the National Technical University. IN....

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