UEFA has dramatically changed the format of the U-19 European Championships: Ukraine will start in the elite League A

From 2020, the format of the European Under-19 Championship qualifying tournament will be similar to the UEFA League of Nations format.

By UEFA decision, the 2022 and 2023 European Championships in the U-19 category will change tournaments with a two-year cycle - 2020-2022 and 2021-2023. They will also end with the final stage with the participation of eight national teams (the tournament will be hosted by Slovakia in 2022).

The main difference from the previous format is the participation of each team in at least two qualifying mini-tournaments. Players will be selected by the age of 18 and eligible for the final stage by the age of 19 (players born after January 2020, 2022 will be eligible for the 1-2003 draw). Next fall, the team of Alexander Petrakov will start in the 2020-2022 cycle.

If successful, a similar format from 2023 will be used in U-17 tournaments.

Euro-2022 (U-19) format


Selection stage: rounds 1, 2, 3 and 4.
Final tournament: 8 national teams - 1 host and 7 more teams.

Selection rounds

All matches are played in mini-tournaments with the participation of three or four national teams on the field of one of the participants. The owners are determined after each draw.

All participants in the 2020-2022 draw (including the final stage master, Slovakia) are split into three leagues (A, B and C) based on tables of U-19 coefficients, made on the basis of the performances in the tournament from season 2015/2016 to season 2018/2019.

In which qualifying rounds do the leagues play?

League A: In all four rounds.
League B: in three rounds.
League C: Two rounds.

How many teams in each league?

League A: 20 teams (5 teams of 4 teams).
League B: 16 teams (4 teams of 4 teams).
League C: 18 teams (teams of 3 or 4 teams).

Teams will be split into groups before each round.

Rounds 1 and 2 (leagues A, B and C)

Exit to the big leagues

From League B to League A: four group winners and the best second-place team winners.
From League C to League B: Group Winners.

Departure to the lower league

From League A to League B: Five teams ranked fourth in their groups.
From League B to League C: four teams that take fourth place in their groups, as well as a worse team of third place holders.

League C teams after the second round finish the tournament, as does the host of the final stage, who will resume the fight only in the final stage.

If the master of the final stage goes to League A or League B after the second round, then one team will be promoted to League B or League C.

Composition of baskets before the draw of round 1 of Euro-2022 (U-19)

League A

Shopping Cart 1: Portugal, France, England, Italy, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Spain, Germany, Ukraine, Ireland.

Shopping Cart 2: Norway, Turkey, Austria, Croatia, Greece, Belgium, Sweden, Serbia, Poland, Slovakia.

League B

Shopping Cart 1: Scotland, Israel, Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, Denmark, Slovenia, Georgia.

Shopping Cart 2: Russia, Finland, Switzerland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cyprus, Wales, Latvia, Iceland.

League C

Shopping Cart 1: Azerbaijan, Northern Macedonia, Northern Ireland, Belarus, Armenia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Malta, Albania, Kazakhstan.

Shopping Cart 2: Andorra, Luxembourg, Moldova, Estonia, Faroe Islands, Lithuania, Gibraltar, San Marino.

The draw will take place on December 3, 2019.

Photo by uefa.com

Round 3 (leagues A and B)

Exit to the big leagues

From League B to League A: four group winners and the best second-place team winners.

Departure to the lower league

From League A to League B: Five teams ranked fourth in their groups.

League B teams finish the tournament after the third round.

Round 4 (League A only)

Selection for the final tournament

The five group winners and the top two second place winners are in the final stages.

The final tournament

As before, participants will be divided into two groups of four teams. The winners of the first two places in the groups will reach the 1/2 finals. The final stages in the even years will rule for qualification for the World Youth Championship (ie Euro-2022 will be selection for the World Cup-2023).

Dates of Euro-2022 (U-19)

Round 1: until November 17, 2020 (draw - December 3, 2019).
Round 2: until June 8, 2021 (draw - December 2020).
Round 3: August 30 - September 7 or October 4-12, 2021 (draws in June / July 2021).
Round 4: March 21-29, 2022 (draw after the third round).
Final tournament (Slovakia): July 2022 (draw after the fourth round).

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