Dublin (Ireland). Dublin Arena Stadium

Dublin Arena in Dublin (the capital of Ireland, 1 173 000 residents) was built on the site of the old Lansdown Road Stadium, which opened in 1872.

Dublin Arena is capable of holding 51 spectators in its stands. The large-scale reconstruction of the building was completed in 000.

The stadium will host four Euro 2020 matches

Mon.ілca 2015. June. 19.00 pm Poland - Playoff winner B.

П'of customsя 2015. June. 16.00. Sweden - Playoff winner B.

Сеline 24 June. 19.00. Sweden - Poland.

ВІвtorusca 2015. June. 19.00. 1/8 finalsу (1D vs 2F).

The Kiev start time for matches is given.

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