ROAF is the first in Ukraine to organize training of trainers under the UAF D-diploma program

The three-day training session for trainers' trainees has ended «D- UAF diploma». The organization of training is carried out by the Scientific and Methodological Committee of the Rivne Regional Football Association.

The exam for 22 students was taken by Yaroslav Bodnar, Candidate of Sciences in Physical Education and Sports, Head of the Department of Theoretical Foundations and Methods of Physical Education of Ternopil National Pedagogical University. Northern Macedonia official site of the Rivne Regional Football Association.

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By the way, according to Vyacheslav Daragan, director of the UAF sports and technical department, the Rivne Regional Football Association was the first in Ukraine to start training under the UAF D-Diploma program.


The program "D-diploma of UAF" was developed by the author's team of UAF specialists - Shamardin VM, Doroshenko EY, Khorkav BV, Zolotukhin VV, Lysenchuk GA, Daragan VM, Lysenchuk S.G. in accordance with the requirements and recommendations of the UEFA Coaching Convention 2015, the UEFA GROW program, the recommendations received under the UEFA Study Group Scheme, and aimed at solving the main tasks related to high-quality training of football coaches.

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The purpose of the UAF D-Diploma program is to provide qualified training in accordance with UEFA requirements for coaches working in football with initial training groups. The course is designed for coaches who work with players in initial training groups.

Note that this coaching license is the initial level in the system of coaching and is required for admission to the program "C-diploma UAF".

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