"We have a secret weapon against rivals." The manager and players of the national team of Ukraine on cyber football - about the draw of the selection to the European Championship

The manager and players of the national team of cyber football shared their impressions about the results of the draw of the European Championship qualification 2020.

January 15 in English Leicester there was a draw of the selection stage European Cyber ​​Football Championship 2020. According to him, the Ukrainians were in Group H together with Wales, the Faroe Islands, Andorra, Italy and Montenegro.

Managers and players of the national team expressed their opinions on the rivals and chances of the Ukrainian national team.

The manager of the national team of Ukraine Konstantin Demyanenko: "You won't call our group a 'death group,' and that's good. We were ready for any draw results, we will play and show our level. Of course, we wanted to avoid games with Italy, probably the strongest team of the tournament, but on the other hand, we will see the real strength of our team. The rest of the teams are "dark horses". Our goal is to enter the Euro through one or two group stages, which is not fundamental. ”

Maxim Makson Andrasiuk, Ukraine national team player: “We got one of the strongest teams in the competition - Italy. But our task has not changed and we will fight for the Euro. We will prepare for each match. For example, we have an example of a national team. The plans of our team - to collect, dismantle all the opponents and develop a strategy for the tournament. "

Player of the national team of Ukraine Igor ighor_8 Lyubchak: “I know the strength of our team, so I am sure that we have every chance to leave the group from the first place. But the Italians are one of the strongest players in the world. Therefore, the struggle for the first place will be difficult. The rest of the opponents are little known to us, we will disassemble their game, but I think that they are to our teeth.

Ukraine national team player Vitaliy Budb_Proshe Litvinov: “We were probably the strongest opponent in the group. This is the national team of Italy. Highly skilled players play there, but there are no invincible players. The main thing is not to lose points where we have to take them. If you make no mistake, you can also take first place. We have already met with players from the top 8 of the Italian national team (RaissForever and STIFFLER). Both duels ended in a draw. Our team has very strong guys who can beat anyone. And we have a "secret weapon" against rivals, but that remains a mystery. "

Ukraine national team player Serhiy Sergobibika Marchenko: “I think that we can leave the group quite well. There is a top contender - Italy, there is a very strong Wales, but in general everything can be solved. You have to aim for the first place, and there you can get out of the second. Given the skills of our players, entering the Euro should not be a problem. We will try to show our game and, finally, win a ticket to the Euro. "

We will remind, matches of qualification stage of eEURO-2020 will take place in March-May of this year. The Final Forum of the Top 16 will take place in London on July 9-10.

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