Chernihiv will host the Winter 2020 Championship among the major league women's teams

The maidenthe lottery drawpreceding the resumption of the Championship, Six teams will participate.

The All-Ukrainian Winter Championship -17 will be held in Chernihiv from February 21 to February 2020, with the participation of the major league teams, reports Ukrainian Association of Women's Football. The competition will be held at the updated Junior Sports Stadium, which seats up to 3 spectators.

The Winter Championship premiered in 2008, and the current draw will be the ninth in a row. This time six teams will perform at the tournament: EMC-Podillya (Vinnytsia), Zhitlobud-1 (Kharkiv), Zhitlobud-2 (Kharkiv), Ladomir (Volodymyr-Volynskyi, Volyn Region), and the Family Lyceum ”(Kostopil, Rivne region),“ Yatran-Berestivets ”(Berestivets, Cherkasy region).

The tournament will be held on a circular system. Duration of the match - two halves of 30 minutes. In the event of a draw, a series of post-game penalties will be held in the main time. Three points will be awarded for a win, two for a penalty shootout, one for a penalty shootout, and a zero for a loss.

Winter Championship 2020

1 round


Zhytlobud-1 - EMS-Podillya

Zhytlobud-2 - Family-Lyceum

Ladomir - Yatran-Berestovets

2 round


Family-Lyceum - Zhitlobud-1

EMS-Podillya - Yatran-Berestovets

Zhitlobud-2 - Ladomir

3 round


Yatran-Berestovets - Zhitlobud-2

Ladomir - Zhitlobud-1

EMC-Podillya - Family-Lyceum

4 round


Family-Lyceum - Ladomir

Zhytlobud-2 - EMS-Podillya

Zhytlobud-1 - Yatran-Berestovets

5 round


Ladomir - EMS-Podillya

Yatran-Berestovets - Family-Lyceum

Zhitlobud-1 - Zhitlobud-2

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