Premier League intermission: completion of the first Dynamo gathering, newcomers to Desna, Mariupol lease reinforcement

To your attention - the latest news from the life of the clubs of the Ukrainian Premier League, which are preparing for the second part of the season.

Leader of the championship of Ukraine, Shakhtarcontinues to be harvested in Turkey. In preparation for the game with Benfica in the Europa League and the second part of the championship of Ukraine, Luisa Kashtra team has already conducted three sparring sessions - against the Polish "Lech" (1-0), the Serbian "Vojvodina" (1: 1) and "Proleter" ( 0: 1). Before returning home, the Pitmen will play against the Czech Slovaks. It should be added that Shakhtar leased striker Andrei Boryachuk to Turkey's Riesespor a few days ago. In addition, the injury caused the Orange-Blacks to lose Manor Solomon for three months.

Kyiv Dynamo has already completed its first gathering in Turkey. There the team of Alexey Mikhailichenko held six control duels. Ukrainians played against the Polish Legia (1: 1), Azerbaijan's Neftchi (2: 1), North Macedonia's Vardar (4: 0), Croatia's Hajduk (0: 1), Belarussian Dynamo Brest (3 : 0) and Kazakhstan's Kairat (2: 0). In Kiev, part of the collection due to injury missed midfielder of Ukraine Victor Tsigankov and Slovenian Benjamin Verbich. On January 28, the majority of players returned to Kiev, and four players - Ruslan Neshcheret, Ilya Zabarny, Konstantin Vivcharenko and Georgy Tsitishishvili - will join D-U-19 Dynamo, which will continue to prepare for the UEFA Youth League playoff game Dynamo ».

Behind half of the first gathering in Turkey in Lugansk squad. Victor Skrypnyk's wards have played three control matches so far - against Azerbaijan's Neftchi (4-0), Polish LSK (1-0) and Piast (0-0). In the next few days, Zorya will meet with Serbian leader Vozdovac (29 January), Kazakh Ordabasy (6 February), Bosnian Zheleznicar (10 February) and Belorussian Torpedo-BelAZ (14 February).

Desna Chernihiv after a short gathering in Belarus she went to Turkey, where she played two of the four scheduled matches. In the first sparring, the Ukrainians beat Azerbaijan's Neftchi (2: 1) and then parted ways with the Austrian Hartberg (1: 1). On February 2, the Chernihivs will meet with the Bosnian Sarajevo, and on the 4th their rival will be the Czech Slovan. In Turkey, Alexander Ryabokon's wards are staffed by 25 players, including newcomers - former Shakhtar midfielder Andrei Totovitsky, former Karpaty player Alexei Gutsulyak, and the first legionary in the club's history - player of the national team of Estonia Yonas.

Already completed the first stage of preparation for the second part of the season Oleksandriya. In Turkey, the wards of Vladimir Sharan have played five matches. The rivals of the Ukrainians were the Bulgarian "Botev" (4: 0), "Slavia" (2: 2), "Black Sea" (3: 1), North Macedonia "Macedonia Gyorche Petrov" (5: 0) and the Armenian "Pyunik" (2 : 0). At the meeting, four newcomers have joined the Alexandria team - Artem Gordienko, Roman Vantukh, Bogdan Mishenko and Vasyl Gritsuk.

He has already played three games in Turkey Mariupol.. The Azov team met with Kazakhstan's Kyzyl-Jar (1: 1), Dynamo Brest (2: 2) and Austrian St. Pelten (1: 1). They are ahead of the matches against the Austrian Stripfing (6 February), the Bulgarian Slavia (6 February), the Odessa Chernomorets (10 February) and the Bulgarian Lokomotiv (16 February). Oleksandr Babich's team of Shakhtar players have strengthened - Danilo Sagutkin, Artem Dudik and Stanislav Biblik have come into the lease. Vladislav Bugai returned from rent in Nikolaev.

Kolos at the meeting in Turkey, played against the Romanian Academician Clinchi (3: 0), Astra (2: 1), Kosovo's Pristina (1: 1), Ansan Griners of South Korea (4: 2) and Austrian Forverts (2: 0). In the winter, the blacksmiths were joined by Andriy Bogdanov, Kirill Petrov, Latvian Vladislav Soloveychik. The defense of the team will be strengthened by Yevgeny Efremov, and Vladislav Yemets was hired in the Dawn.

He has scheduled six matches in Turkey in the first meeting Dnipro-1. Dmitry Mikhailenko's wards have already played three games - against Serbian TSC (0: 1), Poland's Jagiellonia (0: 1) and Czech's Bohemians (1: 2). The Ukrainians are yet to face duels against Austria's Austria (30 January), Czech Sigma (1 February) and Kazakhstan's Tobol (9 February). During the off-season, Dnipro-1 worked carefully in the transfer market. The team was joined by Alexander Swatok, Vladimir Adamyuk, Andriy Tsurikov, Alexei Hoblenko, Argentine Di Franco, Brazilian Taylor.

Olimpik Donetsk won five matches of his first Turkish game. Vicente Gomez's team beat Romania's Vitorul (2: 1), Azerbaijan's Sabail (3: 1), Poland's Crown (2: 0), Slovakia's Spartak Trnava (1-0) and Serbia's Spartak-Zlatibor Water ”(4: 0). The team has newcomers - Artem Kichak and Maxim Degtyarev.

They were in a difficult position in early 2020 Karpaty, but Roman Sanjar's team still managed to find the money for the first round in Turkey. Therefore, sparring in Lviv is still ahead - against the Slovak "Slovan" (January 29), "Wednesday" (February 1), the Bosnian "Tuzla City" (February 5), the Uzbek Metallurgist (February 8), the Danish "Keg" (February 11) and the Belarusian Dynamo Brest (February 14). "Carpathians" left a large number of players, and there are still two newcomers - Alexei Khakhlev and Andro Giorgadze.

Poltavska Vorskla so far has also increased modestly - the team of Yuriy Maximov was supplemented by Ruslan Stepanyuk and Vladislav Kulach, who was called to the national team of Ukraine. In Turkey, the Vorsklais have already played against the Polish LSK "Pogon" (3: 3) and the Serbian "Advisor" (1: 1). Ahead of the match are against Kosovo's "Wire" (January 30), Serbia's "Spartak-Zlatibor Voda" (February 2), Uzbekistan's "Nasaf" (February 10), Poland's "Thermalika" (February 13) and Kazakhstan's "Ordabasa" (February 16) .

Only on January 24 he left for Turkey FC "Lviv", who played one control match in Lviv against Minaya (1: 2). At the meeting Lviv will hold sparring against Serbian "Vojvodina" (February 3), "Grafichar" (February 5), Latvian "Valmiera" (February 7) and Slovenian "Mura" (February 11). There are two newcomers to the team - Ukrainian Andriy Busko and Frenchman Joel Bopez.

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