Training Seminar for UAF Delegates, Football Club Security Officers and National Police Representatives held at the Football House

On Tuesday, February 11, the House of Football gathered under its roof the participants of the process of ensuring the safety of football competitions in Ukraine.

The Ukrainian Football Association held a training seminar for UAF delegates and officers, security officers of UPL and PFL football clubs, which were also attended by representatives of the National Police of Ukraine.

The event was attended by First Vice-President of the UAF Vadim Kostyuchenko, Chairman of the Stadium and Competition Committee of the UAF Gennady Prokopovych, Chairman of the Committee on Attestation of UAF Delegates and UAF Security Officers Igor Gataullin, Advisor to the President of the UAF and Stadium Safety , PFL President Serhiy Makarov, Deputy Head of the Preventive Activities Department of the National Police of Ukraine Anatoliy Seredinsky, as well as representatives of professional football clubs of Ukraine and domestic studs of ions.

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The main purpose of the meeting was to discuss ways to improve the interaction of all participants in the process of ensuring public order and public safety before, during and after the football games. An equally important item on the agenda was to discuss the latest changes and additions to the Stadium Infrastructure Regulations and football security measures.

“These changes are linked to the latest developments in the UEFA Regulation. Andriy Pavelko is a member of the UEFA Executive Committee, and he personally voted for these changes. Therefore, the UAF invited delegates, security officers and law enforcement officials to carefully study the new regulatory requirements, ”Ivan Fedorenko addressed the audience at the beginning of the event.

Photo by Pavlo Kubanov

The first stage of the seminar summarized the results of the first half of the 2019/2020 season among UPL and PFL teams in the context of safety at matches that have taken place over the last six months.

The participants of the seminar also discussed the issues of stadium categorization - one of the key additions to the UEFA Match Security Regulation, the reconstruction of the Yunist Stadium in Chernihiv, the implementation by the UAF delegates and UAF security officers of the rules of the 2019/2020 Cup of Ukraine compliance with the regulations and requirements of FIFA, UEFA and IFAB on the implementation of the VAR system at the matches of the Spring UPL Championship.

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After the theoretical part of the seminar, a meeting of the association's leadership with representatives of the National Police of Ukraine took place, as well as the certification of UAF delegates and UAF security officers.

Summarizing the seminar, First Vice-President of the UAF Vadim Kostyuchenko conveyed his gratitude from the President of the Association Andriy Pavelko and the head coach of the national team Andriy Shevchenko for the high level of cooperation on the safety of football matches with the participation of all national teams of Ukraine.

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“I will note effective cooperation with law enforcement agencies during the Ukraine-Portugal matches in Kiev, Ukraine-Lithuania in Kharkiv, Ukraine-Serbia and Ukraine-Luxembourg in Lviv, Ukraine-Estonia in Zaporozhye, Ukraine-Nigeria in the Dnieper. At the national team matches, the stadiums were packed full stands, and about 20 football fans came to the game of the youth team with the Danish team in Lviv. And thanks to the professionalism of the people responsible for security measures, the fans had the opportunity to enjoy the football holiday at all the above matches! ” - said Kostyuchenko.

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According to him, UAF is interested in expanding the geography of performances of national teams. “Currently, a number of stadiums are being built and reconstructed in the country that could host matches of Ukraine's youth, youth and women's teams in the future - Kolos in Kovalivka, Ingulets Arena in Petrovo, Polissya in Zhytomyr, Central Stadium in Rivne and others, ”said the first Vice President of the UAF.

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