Oleksandr Petrakov: "For the third match in Spain the players lacked strength ..."

Head coach of the U-17 Youth Team of Ukraine Oleksandr Petrakov summed up the result for his team.

At the Spanish stage of preparation the Ukrainian national team (players not older than 2003 of birth) held three control matches, having played twice with England (0:0 і 0:4) and once with Belgium (1:0). These matches were told by the mentor of blue and yellow Alexander Petrakov.

- Oleksandr Vasilyevich, what are your impressions of the Spanish gathering?

- I would very much like to come back again (smiles). Thanks to the National Association, everything went well. This applies to rivals, working conditions and weather. I love it.

- Playing with such rivals is a great experience?

- I think the British with the Belgians were pleased with the strength of the national team of Ukraine. It's nice that we are respected by such opponents and invited to play sparring. My only mistake is that I agreed to play the third match. There were not enough human resources, because of all sorts of problems for the second match with the British, only 17 football players were preparing. The guys just did not have the strength to play in February three duels in five days at the same level. We brought our own balls.

- But in the first two matches did your team cope with the task?

- I think the team looked good. Yes, there were many mistakes, but all the players tried to carry out the installation, acted with discipline. I was pleased with these duels.

- Do many of these players get a call for the next Euro-elite round?

- I will not talk about it now. Football is a traumatic sport, so let's wait. I would like to see all the candidates in the national team come to this tournament healthy.

- Problems with the choice of attackers remain?

- Unfortunately yes. In fact, only Dmitry Shostak was now the center forward. He played three matches, and at the end of the gathering, it was evident that he lacked the strength and had no one to replace.

- And what about Nazarii Dovgan's striker Atletico Madrid?

- He may grow, strengthen and add, we will watch him, but this player is not suitable for this national team of Ukraine.

- The next gathering will start with a pre-approved plan?

- So. On March 17, we are going to and immediately fly to Turkey. And on the 21st we will play a closed control game with the hosts of the final part of the European Championship - the national team of Estonia.

Recall that in March in the matches elite round for the trip to the final of the Euro-2020 (U-17) Ukraine's national team competes with the tournament hosts, the Turks (on the 25th), as well as the teams of Belarus (28th) and Greece (31st). The winners of the groups and the seven best second teams (as a result of matches with the first and third teams of their group) will reach the final stage, where they will join the host of Euro - Estonia. The final tournament will be held from May 21 to June 6 this year.

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