To the fifth anniversary of the fighting near Debaltsev in Snyatyn a tournament with the participation of the national veterans of Ukraine took place

On February 15, a football tournament was held in the city of Snyatyn, in the Ivano-Frankivsk region, dedicated to the fifth anniversary of the fighting near Debaltsev. The Ukrainian national team among veterans, FC "Prykarpattya", veterans of Snyatyn region and FC "Snyatin-ATO" took part in it.

The memory of the military and volunteers who have defended Ukraine on its eastern borders in the past six years is honored in the Frankivsk region. In Snyatyn, ATO member Vasyl Zhovtyak established a regional veterans' union, which actively acts and regularly conducts various events. It was decided to honor the memory of those who died in one of the hottest periods of the war in the East, near Debaltsev. The tournament itself was held at the Kolos sports complex, gathering, in addition to numerous fans, ATO participants from all over the region.

Photo of the press service of AFVU

The Ukrainian Veterans' Team has been supporting our military for four years with the initiative and support of a reliable partner, Agrobusiness LLC. This is the main goal of the tour, which covers Ukraine and dozens of countries and has already hosted nearly 200 matches. Our legend went to Sniatyn with the following members: Sergei Nagornyak, Eduard Tsikhmeystr, Svyatoslav Sirota, Sergey Shishchenko, Andriy Khomin, Vyacheslav Svidersky, Vitaliy Samoilov, Bogdan Shershun, Gennady Medvedev, Andriy Oksimly and Oleksandr Ventsiyli.

“Usually we play on a big field, but during the winter break of love we respond to the invitation of the organizers of mini-football tournaments, - said the player of the national team of Ukraine among veterans, the coach of the U-16 national team of Ukraine Serhiy Nagornyak. - Moreover, we were invited by the military, members of the ATO, to refuse which we simply have no right. This is always emphasized by Oleg Sobutsky, who is very active in supporting the Ukrainian army. Veterans team - a frequent visitor to the Ivano-Frankivsk region, two years ago in the neighboring valley we participated in a similar tournament, also played games in Ivano-Frankivsk, Bolekhiv, Kolomyya and other cities. We feel like they love football here, waiting for our visits. ”

In the semifinals, the Ukrainian national team defeated Snyatyn-ATO - 8: 3. In blue and yellow goals scored Andriy Khomin (three times), Eduard Tsikhmeystruk (three times), Sergei Shishchenko and Vyacheslav Svidersky. In another semifinal duel, veterans of Snyatyn region were stronger than Prykarpattya - 6: 1. In the game for the third place "Snyatyn-ATO" won "Prykarpattya" - 4: 2.

But the decoration of the competition was the final match. The veterans of Snyatyn region, played by famous performers from the Ivano-Frankivsk and Chernivtsi regions, won the Ukrainian national team 4: 2 (Ruslan Hunchak (twice), Igor Mygalatyuk, Denis Fedorov - Eduard Tsikhmeystar, Sergey Shishchenko). The result is somewhat unexpected, but it is worth paying tribute to the local team that gave the fans a real holiday.

Upon completion of the tournament, the awards were awarded to the organizers and teams, and the prize for the best player of the competition was received by the captain of the national team of Ukraine Eduard Tsikhmeyst.

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