Euro 2020 has attracted a record number of potential volunteers

The campaign ended in late January with a recruitment of volunteers at UEFA EURO 2020 collected a record 37 thousand applications. About this the UEFA official website. Compared to Euro 2016, the number of applicants increased by 68%.

88% of applications have been submitted by residents of the tournament's 12 host cities (Amsterdam, Baku, Bilbao, Budapest, Bucharest, Glasgow, Dublin, Copenhagen, London, Munich, Rome and St. Petersburg). In general, citizens of 159 countries have expressed interest in volunteering. 60% of applicants are under 25 years old, 41% are women (35% four years ago).

Now you have to choose from 37 thousand 12 thousand people who will become volunteers of Euro-2020. They will receive information about their features and an online learning platform will start operating in early March.

"Volunteering at all major sports tournaments is rich in tradition, and the European Championship has never been an exception. Those who are eventually selected will have the opportunity to spend a unique summer, ”said UEFA Events SA Executive Director Martin Cullen.

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