The Ukrainian Football Association has joined the fight against the pandemic

The president of the Ukrainian Football Association, member of the UEFA Executive Committee Andriy Pavelko, during an interview with the TV program "Big football", spoke about the UAF's steps in the difficult situation in the country these days.

“The UAF is also not standing apart now. We have 26 regional associations, and all of them have now transferred their vehicles, obtained from the exclusive automobile sponsor of the national football team of Ukraine, Winner, to the headquarters established in the regions to combat the spread of the coronavirus. Also, the UAF management has today decided to assist one of the Kiev clinics in equipping rooms with artificial ventilation. We continue to patronize our neighbors, a military hospital, and we transfer to it all UAF vehicles. We will also monitor the health of football veterans who have reached the age of care and assist them as needed.

I am very pleased that people like Vladimir Jezersky, Myron Markevich, are a worthy example and also help financially in the fight against a pandemic. The Ukrainian Football Association will do everything in its power to help the country at that time, ”said Andrei Pavelko.

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