Officially. UEFA Executive Committee's decision regarding the national team's and club's tournaments in 2020

A meeting of the UEFA Executive Committee took place today in a video conference format, with the participation of Ukrainian Association of Football president Andrii Pavelko.

The Executive Board received updates from working groups created in partnership with the European Clubs Association (ECA), the European leagues and FIFPRO Europe, reports the official website of the organization.

Both calendar scenarios considered by the working group involve the renewal of national competitions and the holding of UEFA club tournaments. And one variant is designed to hold competitions in parallel, and the second - to complete domestic tournaments before the European Cups are renewed in August.

The Committee heard information from a newly created medical sub-group chaired by Professor Tim Mayer, who studies the health issues associated with returning to football, and works with the ECA and European leagues to come up with uniform guidelines. The Committee is grateful to European football for its unity and emphasized the priority of health in developing ways of returning to football.

Following statements from representatives of the football authorities of Belgium and Scotland, the Executive Board approved the Directives on the principles of admission to UEFA club competitions in the 2020/2021 season. The directives stipulate that tickets to UEFA club competitions will be distributed on a sporting principle. Therefore, UEFA encourages national associations and leagues to explore all possible options for the completion of all national tournaments and the delegation of representatives to UEFA club competitions after their completion. However, UEFA stresses that the health of players, spectators and everyone involved in football, as well as the society at large, must remain a key issue at the moment.

The ideal scenario, according to further situation with pandemic, is to complete the suspended national competitions. This will allow clubs to qualify for UEFA competitions on a sporting principle in the usual format. If this result is not possible, in particular due to problems with the calendar, it is desirable that the suspended national competitions be restored in another format so that the clubs are still divided according to the sporting principle.

National associations and / or leagues, while making every effort to complete national competitions, may at the same time have legitimate reasons to suspend their national tournaments, in particular in the following cases:

- the existence of an official prohibition of sports competitions, which makes it impossible for them to be completed by a date that would allow the end of the current season to be completed in time before the start of the next season;

- insurmountable economic problems that make it impossible to end the season as it threatens the long-term financial stability of the national association and / or clubs.

If internal competitions are terminated prematurely on legal grounds in accordance with the above conditions, UEFA will require the relevant national association to select clubs to participate in UEFA 2020/2021 club competitions on the basis of sports results in domestic competitions 2019/2020:

- The club selection process should be based on objective, transparent and non-discriminatory principles. National associations and leagues should be able to determine the final positions in their domestic competitions, taking into account the specific circumstances of each tournament;

- the final determination of places to participate in UEFA club competitions must be confirmed by the appropriate competent authorities at the national level.

UEFA reserves the right to refuse admission or to determine on its own a possible admission for any club proposed by a national association from prematurely terminated domestic competitions, in particular if:

- internal competitions were terminated prematurely not for the reasons given in these UEFA recommendations or for other legitimate reasons relating to health;

- the clubs were selected according to a procedure that was not objective, transparent and non-discriminatory, that is, the clubs selected could not be considered as having qualified on a sporting principle;

- there is a public opinion that the club was chosen unfairly.

“Premier League and Ukrainian Cup should be finished, as all matches of other European associations's championships should be finished. That was the position of the UEFA Executive Committee, - said the president of Ukrainian Association of Football, member of the UEFA Executive Committee Andrii Pavelko. - So the winners of national club competitions and European Cup participants from Ukraine will be determined on the sport principle - this is the main priority! Only the continuation of the Government's decision on impossibility of holding football competitions or insurmountable economic difficulties can prevent the completion of UPL Championship and Ukrainian Cup. But like all our country's football family, I very much hope that this will not happen - the pandemic will decline and millions of fans will finally return to the stadiums.

UEFA is closely monitoring the situation with COVID-19 in all European countries, based on the data obtained, different variants of the competition are being developed, depending on possible further turn of events. The next meeting of the UEFA Executive Committee is scheduled for May 27. By then, all national associations should submit proposals for their vision of options for completing domestic competitions. "


Following the postponement of Euro 2020 for the summer of 2021 and thorough internal monitoring, as well as discussions with partners, the UEFA Executive Committee has today decided that the tournament will still be called Euro 2020.

This decision allows UEFA to retain the original vision of the tournament to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the European Football Championship (1960-2020).

In addition, it will help to remember how the entire footballing family has come together to respond to the extraordinary circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic and the difficult times that Europe and the world have experienced in 2020.

This choice is in line with UEFA's commitment to make Euro 2020 sustainable and not to create additional treatment options. By the time the tournament was postponed, many branded materials had already been created. Changing the name of an event would mean the need to re-release all goods.

Euro-2021 (U-21) qualifying round

The Executive Committee has informed that options for cancellation or postponement of Euro-2021 (U-21) will be presented and analyzed by the National Teams Competition Committee on May 11. The final decision on this issue will be adopted by the UEFA Executive Committee at its next meeting - May 27.

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