Ukraine all-time team: choose a central defender (part 1)!

Ukrainian Association of Football proposes to recall the most prominent players who wore blue-and-yellow jerseys and to form the greatest all-time team of our country.

All those who wish can join the selection of the 11 best by voting on UAF's official web pages FacebookInstagram and Telegram.

The rules are simple: every day on the UAF pages there will be lists of players by position, and you only need to vote for those whom you consider the best in your role. According to the results of the voting, we will determine the Ukrainian dream team according to the fans' version!

There will be two performers in our symbolic team in the central defense zone. Here is the first part of the list of applicants.

The GOAT team of Ukraine:

Central defenders. Part 1

- Vladislav Vashchuk;

- Alexander Kucher;

- Sergey Popov;

- Andrey Rusol;

- Taras Mikhalik;

- Sergey Fedorov;

- Sergey Bezhenar;

- Bogdan Shershun;

- Vyacheslav Svidersky;

- Alexander Yevtushok;

- Igor Plastun;

- Vyacheslav Checher;

- your choice.

Join, vote for your favorite players and decide who should get a place in the GOAT team of Ukraine!

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