Myron Markevich: “The level of play of Andriy Shevchenko's team is high. It is important not to lower the bar ... "

Myron Markevich, Chairman of the UAF National Teams Committee, is looking forward to the resumption of competitions in Ukraine.

Today, May 27, marks five years since the day Dnipro, led by Myron Markevich, played in the Europa League final against Sevilla (2: 3). The current chairman of the UAF National Teams Committee recalled the events of five years ago, and also shared his views on the resumption of the national championship and the potential of the Ukrainian national team.

- Myron Bogdanovich, five years have passed since the final of the Europa League between Dnipro and Sevilla. Doesn't it feel like it was only yesterday?

- Yes, of course (smiles). Pleasant and unpleasant memories alternate. We could have beaten Sevilla, but the opponent was more fortunate. However, reaching the final of the European Cup for the Ukrainian team was already a success.

- If you had to play this match again, would you change anything?

- Unlikely. Unless you could play with substitutions. Unfortunately, at the end of the meeting we had some inadmissible mistakes.

- Fatigue?

- Fatigue is not fatigue, but the guys lacked a little concentration.

- That "Dnipro" was the strongest team you had to work with as a coach?

- One of - so exactly. It is important that all the players behaved decently, they were real professionals. I'm not talking about self-sacrifice, thanks in large part to which Dnipro has reached such heights.

- Who in that team was the leader on the field?

- It was different in different situations. Everyone knows about Ruslan Rotan's captaincy. Yevhen Konoplyanka spent that season at a high level. As always, Roman Zozulya came out on the field with a thirst for struggle. Yevhen Shakhov revealed himself in a new way. Nikola Kalinich scored a lot, and Yevhen Seleznyov led Dnipro to the Europa League final with two goals. I can't name anyone yet. In general, then there was a strong team. After all, we must also take into account that we did not play at home. Only in the playoff matches in Kyiv did the number of spectators gradually increase. Special thanks to the fans for the semifinal match against Napoli. We have not seen such support for a long time.

- At the equator of the group round in "Dnipro", which had one point in assets, few people believed.

"Of course." But when Dnipro reached 1/16, I realized that this team could make a fuss in Europe. And so it happened.

- Do you not give up hope to at least repeat such a result?

- I would really like that (smiles).

- You are the first and only Ukrainian coach who led his team to the final of the European Cup since independence. How soon will we be able to see something similar performed by a domestic club?

- Hard to tell. Serious financial infusions are needed to achieve high results in Europe. But given the way things are going in our football now, I think this will not happen tomorrow.

- The national championship should resume soon. Are you looking forward to the restart?

- Yes, like all fans. I wonder how the teams survived such a pause. I want all competitions to end in full. That will be right. Let it be without spectators, but it is a security measure for now. You have to be patient a little. And comply with all requirements in accordance with the current situation.

- The main intrigue of the UPL is who will take the second place. Your forecast?

- It is difficult to predict. If Dynamo adds, it will probably be the main favorite of this race. Let "Zorya" give a word, but I think Kyiv has more chances.

It is impossible to lose the rating on the European arena, and then soon we will get to the main grid of the Champions League only through the playoffs. We should try to at least make our way to the Champions League group, and leave the Europa League group.

So far, the highest rating in Europe is in the national team of Ukraine, which stably supports the domestic brand.

- Only the Euro will not take place this summer ...

- There was no other way out. No problem, in a year, I hope someone will grow up young. And if there are no injuries, the blue and yellows can make a serious statement at the continental forum in 2021. At least the current level of play of Andriy Shevchenko's team is high. It is important not to lower the bar ...

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