Oleksiy Kashchuk: “It was the hardest in the match against the Italian national team. The voltage was maintained until the last second "

Mariupol midfielder Oleksii Kashchuk recalls how he became the U-20 world champion with the Ukrainian national team a year ago.

One of of the U-20 World Cup 2019 winners was the midfielder of the youth national team of Ukraine Oleksii Kashchuk, who took part in all the matches of the blue-yellows in Poland.

- What do you remember the most at the triumphant World Cup?

- Matches with strong teams. Everyone got a lot of experience. It was interesting and honorable to represent the country at such a forum.

- In seven matches in the tournament, the team won six victories and once drew. Before the start of the competition could you imagine this?

- I think not (smiles). Although in the team we set a goal to win the World Cup.

- After which match did you believe in the reality of this goal?

- Probably after the game against Nigeria.

- Was it the most difficult game?

- No, the hardest was the match against the national team of Italy. The tension persisted until the last second, the Italians have very strong players.

- Where do you keep the medal?

- At home. Hanging in a prominent place (smiles).

- You recently opened the scoring for your goals in the Premier League. To be continued?

- I hope so. The head coach gradually lets me get to the base, giving me the opportunity to calmly adapt to adult football, in turn, I make every effort to do so. I hope that soon I will have much more in Mariupol.

- And?

- I would like to get a playing time in Shakhtar, with whom I have a contract.

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