Meeting of the UAF Women's Football Committee on the occasion of the Ukrainian Championship renewal

On June 26, the House of Football hosted a meeting of the UAF Women's Football Committee, which was attended by representatives of women's football clubs of the Higher league.

The main purpose of the meeting was a discussion about the future of the Ukrainian championship in the Higher league of the 2019/2020 season.

The productive meeting was attended by the UAF first vice-president Vadym Kostyuchenko and chaired by the Deputy Chairman of the Women's Football Committee Yurii Tytarenko. Vyacheslav Popov, Chairman of the UAF Sports and Medical Committee, and Andrii Taran, Head of the Stadiums and Security Service, were also invited to the meeting.

At the beginning, Ruslan Didenko, Deputy Head of the UAF Women's Football Department, informed the audience about the current situation in the Ukrainian Higher League and once again reminded that six clubs (Zhytlobud-1, Zhytlobud-2, Voskhod, Mariupol, Pantery, Yatran) are in favor of continuing the championship, and four stated the impossibility of participating in it (Rodyna, EMS-Podillya, Yednist and Ladomyr).

The next speaker was Vyacheslav Popov, who outlined all the important points of compliance with sanitary and anti-epidemic requirements, resolutions of the Ministry of Health and the protocol for organizing and holding matches during quarantine. He also reported on the situation in men's clubs after the resumption of the UPL and PFL championships, and spoke about the difficulties that clubs have to overcome. He also stressed once again that the results of PCR testing will be the main factor in admission to the match.

For his part, Andrii Taran spoke about all possible nuances regarding the preparation and organization of matches and noted that the host club and the stadium administration are obliged to prepare the stadium for the match in accordance with the regulations and regulations of the UAF, and administrative and regulatory control of the match in matters of public order and safety at the stadium is entrusted to the UAF arbitration observer, who also performs the duties of a UAF delegate.

Vadym Kostyuchenko summed up the speeches, noting that the Ukrainian Association of Football constantly monitors the situation in the football life of Ukraine after the resumption of competitions among professional football clubs, and appealed to the clubs to strictly comply with all norms and protocols. Vadym Kostyuchenko noted that we all need to be ready for different situations we may face, and all clubs should approach this with understanding and responsibility.

Photo by Pavlo Kubanov

After listening to all the speakers, the representatives of the committee once again took note of the decisions of the clubs, which after some discussions still confirmed their positions and by a majority vote in favor of resuming the Ukrainian championship in the major league of the 2019/2020 season.

As a result, the UAF Women's Football Committee put to the vote and decided to apply to the UAF Executive Committee with a proposal to renew the Ukrainian football championship among women's teams of the Higher league of the 2019/2020 season in the format according to the competition regulations (with appropriate changes) and allow championship matches.

All relevant changes in the regulations will be published only after final approval by the legal department of the UAF and the Executive Committee of the Ukrainian Association of Football.

Immediately after the meeting of the committee, the women's football department together with the representatives of the clubs discussed the issues of the matches schedule that remain to be played in the championship, taking into account suggestions and additions. Thus, the resumption of competitions in the Higher league is scheduled for July 6, and the date of the last round is set for July 31. During this period, the six teams that have officially confirmed their participation will play five rounds. The calendar of matches will be made public after final approval by the UAF board.

Also, taking into account the decision of the UAF Women's Football Committee dated 26.06.2020 on the intention to continue competing in the Ukrainian football championship among women's teams of the Higher league of the 2019/2020 season, the UAF board will apply to the Ministry of Health of Ukraine for permission to hold competitions for conditions for compliance with the recommendations on the organization of anti-epidemic measures established by the resolution of the Chief State Sanitary Physician of Ukraine.

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