Officials have been appointed for the First league 23st round

The Committee of Referees of the Ukrainian Football Association has appointed officials for the match of the 23rd Ukrainian championship among the teams of the first league of the 2019/2020 season.

First League

23 round


"Pass" - "Metalist 1925". Pass. 18.00 Referee - Bondarenko DE (Odessa), assistant arbitrators - Berkut OA (Sumy), Doroshenko VA (Zhytomyr), the fourth arbitrator - VV Zaprutnyak. (Uzhhorod), arbitration observer - Bit MF (Lviv).

"Vanguard" - "Balkans". Kramatorsk. 15.00. Referee - Dorosh VV (Kyiv), assistant arbitrators - Yakovlev E.Yu. (Kyiv), Vashkevich Yu.V. (Chernihiv), the fourth arbitrator - Ivanov Yu.V. (Donetsk region), arbitration observer - Denisyuk VM (Kyiv region).


"Miner-Sport" - "Agribusiness". Horishni Plavni. 18.00 Referee - Dubrovets PV (Zhytomyr), assistant arbitrators - Yakimik RS (Lviv), Suryak Yu.B. (Lviv), the fourth arbitrator - Matyash OO (Poltava), arbitration observer - Yakymenko OV (Kiev). 

"Volyn" - "Ingulets". Lutsk. 19.00 Referee - Kutakov DO (Kyiv region), assistant arbitrators - Prystupa SA (Kyiv), Petrakov Ye.O. (Kyiv), the fourth arbitrator - Kalyonov OO (Lviv), arbitration observer - Vasyuta MS (Rivne). 

"Prykarpattia" - "Flint". Ivano-Frankivsk. Referee - Tsibulko EA (Cherkasy region), assistant arbitrators - Gashkov EL (Chernivtsi), Yukhimenko MV (Lutsk), the fourth arbitrator - Salash II (Kalush), arbitration observer - Danevych MI (Kiev). 

"Nikolaev" - "Obolon-Brovar". Mykolaiv. 17.00 Referee - Reznikov DM (Kamyanske), assistant arbitrators - Levchenko MM (Kryvyi Rih), Kurbanov ZA (Kherson), the fourth arbitrator - Yeremeev AA (Mykolaiv), arbitration observer - Krynytsky VM (Rivne). 

"Chernomorets" - "Movement". Odessa. 19.30. Referee - Kovalenko AA (Poltava), assistant arbitrators - Yermolenko RM (Chernihiv), Marchenko DG (Chernihiv), the fourth arbitrator - Petrenko EV (Odessa), observer of the arbitration - Lisakevich VV (Kharkiv).

Appointment of officials for the matches of the First League 23rd round (PDF)

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