Premier League. Kolos and Mariupol are vying for a ticket to the Europa League

Today in Prem 'two teams that will meet in the playoff finals for the last ticket have been determined in the air league to the Europa League.

As a result 32 rounds played "Alexandria" and "Kolos" reached the playoffs from the first six, and "Dnipro-1" and "Mariupol" from the second six. The reporting matches were special for two reasons. First, earlier in the championship of Ukraine similar playoffs were not held. Secondly, for the first time after quarantine in test mode the fans returned to the stands.

Kolos hosted Dnipro residents at the Olimpiysky National Sports Complex in Kyiv, where the support of Kovalev's supporters was felt. Nominal hosts had certain personnel problems - Milko was disqualified, Bogdanov was injured, and due to injuries Petrov and Vilhamsson did not start.

The first moment was created by Dnipro residents, when Volynets rescued Adamyuk after a header. Kolos fired with two effective attacks: Orikhovsky closed the flank serve, and then Antyukh doubled the advantage of the blacksmiths with a beautiful shot in the fall on the approaches to someone else's penalty area.

At the beginning of the second half, the guests reduced the gap when Supryaga hit the post and Volynets sent the ball into his own net. But almost immediately the hosts answered - Klishchuk made a mistake on the way out, and Antyukh made a double (note that for Denis these are his debut goals in the Premier League). Before the end of the match, Kolos had two more good moments, and in the 88th minute Morozko ricocheted off the final score.

In the second match, in Alexandria, the performance was more modest. Shastal and Vantukh could not play for the hosts, but Sitalo and Pashayev returned. In "Mariupol" Kulakov was disqualified, Tankovsky didn't have time to gain condition after an injury, Kiryukhantsev and Gorbunov didn't get to the application.

The first moment in the match was played by Luchkevich, who did not hit the far corner after a flank serve. Then Pankiv saved the Alexandrians three times - after two shots by Fomin and a blow to the head by Myshnev. In the 28th minute, the Azov team still achieved their goal, when Polegenko, after a corner kick, aimed at the near corner. However, "Alexandria" soon came back - Tretyakov dispersed the counterattack, gave the ball to Bezborodko, he understood someone else's penalty and struck a shot.

In the second half, the teams created much fewer moments, and the decisive goal was Kashchuk, who was replaced by Oleksandr Babych. At the end of the match, the forward of Mariupol broke into the operational space and defeated Pankiv in close combat. As a result, Mariupol won and will meet in a decisive match with Kolos.

UPL Europa League playoff



Kolos - Dnipro-1 - 4: 1 (2: 0)

Goals: Orikhovsky (22), Antyukh (24, 50), Morozko (88) - Spouse (48).

Oleksandriya - Mariupol - 1: 2 (1: 1)

Goals: Bezborodko (35) - Polegenko (28), Kashchuk (83).



Kolos - Mariupol.

The final will take place on July 29 on the field of "Colossus", which took a higher place in the second stage of the Premier League. The winner of the playoffs will receive a pass to the second qualifying round of the Europa League, the draw of which will take place on August 31, and the match - on September 17.

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