UEFA comments on amendments to football rules, which came into force on June 1

On the eve of the resumption of competition in European club tournaments, the chairman of the UEFA Referees Committee Roberto Rosetti commented on the latest amendment to the rules, which came into force on June 1 of this year.

According to the UEFA official website, amendments to football rules, approved by the International Council of Football Associations (IFAB), will be valid in matches of the Champions League, Europa League, Women's Champions League and UEFA Youth League in the 2019/2020 season, as well as in the qualifying rounds of club tournaments of the 2020 season. 2021, which will start in August.

"In general, the rules of football have not changed much. The main changes concern rule 14 ("11-meter kick") and rule 10 ("Determining the outcome of the match"), - said Rosetti.

Rule 14. 11-meter kick

A foul by the goalkeeper is not penalized if the ball passes the goal or bounces off the frame (without contact with the goalkeeper), unless such a violation clearly affects the player who strikes.

The goalkeeper receives a verbal warning for the first violation and a yellow card for each subsequent violation.

The player who strikes is penalized if he and the goalkeeper break the rules at the same time.

"In particular, if the goalkeeper bounces the shot, leaving the goal line prematurely, he does not receive a yellow card for the first violation, but must receive it for any further violation. Most goalkeepers leave the line prematurely because they incorrectly predict the moment of impact, and minor violations have become more noticeable due to technology, ie the referee's video assistant, "Rosetti explained.

Rule 10. Determining the result of the match

Yellow cards and verbal warnings are not transferred to the penalty shootout.

In matches where post-match penalties are required to determine the winner, yellow cards are no longer transferred to the 11-meter series. This applies to all players, but is especially important for goalkeepers who come under close scrutiny during a penalty shootout.

"According to IFAB recommendations and football rules, a series of penalties is not part of the match. This is just a way to determine the winner of the fight. Prior to these changes, if a goalkeeper received a yellow card during playing time, primary or secondary, and then prematurely left the goal line in a penalty shootout, he would certainly have to be removed. Now, with VAR, this would happen even more often, and goalkeepers would be punished more often than other players. We believe that this is a necessary and important change, "Rosetti said.

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