Yuhym Konoplya: "If we started the selection with such a game as in Denmark and Finland, we would be the first in the group"

Defender of the youth national team of Ukraine Yuhym Konoplya scored the winning goal for Finland in the qualification for Euro-2021 (U-21).

With their impressions from the last two matches of the youth national team of Ukraine in the selection for Euro-2021 (U-21), against the teams Denmark (1: 1) and Finland (2: 0), shared the defender of the blue and yellows Yukhim Konoplya.

- Yukhim, did the national team of Ukraine go to the match against the Danes and Finns as the last fight?

- No. It's just that in these matches the team was as focused as possible. We knew what we needed to do on the football field, the coaches explained everything to us ...

- Why didn't you manage to show such football and the result at the beginning of the qualifying tournament?

- It is difficult for me to answer this question. It is possible that the team lacked playfulness at first, so it was not possible to realize all the ideas that our coaching staff wanted to see.

- Was the goal of the Danes scored in violation of the rules?

- Without doubts. Everything is clearly visible in the video. Thus, the national team of Ukraine lost two points, and possibly a chance to continue the fight to get to the finals of the Euro. But you will not return anything, you need to keep working.

- Was there any desire to take revenge on the Finnish national team?

- Not without it. And we wanted to defeat the Danes, because we lost to these rivals on our land. But it turned out that we did not fulfill our mission a bit.

- Is it a pity that the youth national team of Ukraine woke up so late?

- Of course, it's a pity. If we started the selection with the game that the team showed in Aalborg and Helsinki, we would take the first place in our group, but we have what we have.

- There are four more fights ahead. What are the plans for them?

- Do not deviate from your game, hone your skills and try to show the true strength of the youth national team of Ukraine in the international arena.

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