Attention to the media! Schedule of media events before the UEFA League of Nations Ukraine-Spain match

The match of the fourth round of the UEFA League of Nations between the national teams of Ukraine and Spain will take place on October 13 at the Olimpiysky National Sports Complex in Kyiv (starting at 21.45 pm).

The day before, on October 12, there will be media events with the participation of head coaches and players of the participating teams.

Accreditations will be issued at the entrance "Western 5" starting with 11.30. Attention: only media accredited for the match will be able to attend media events with the participation of both teams!

О 12.00 Furia Rocha training will begin, which will be open to the press for the first 15 minutes. AT 13.30 The press conference of the Spanish national team coach Luis Enrique and one of the team's players will start in the Olympic conference hall.

Accreditations will be issued at the entrance "Western 5" starting with 17.00.

О 17.30 Media representatives will have the opportunity to ask questions to the head coach of the national team of Ukraine Andriy Shevchenko and one of the team's players at the pre-match press conference of the blue-yellows.

О 18.00 The training of the Ukrainian team will begin, the first 15 minutes of which will be open to the press.

Journalists will be able to watch the training sessions of the teams from the central sectors of the stadium, keeping a distance of 1,5 m from each other (exit to the stands - through the corridor to the left of the main reception).

It will be recalled that accreditation for the Ukraine-Spain League of Nations match lasted until October 8. Applicants will receive a letter confirming or notifying them of the denial of accreditation.

We would also like to inform you that during the quarantine restrictions on the territory of Ukraine, aimed at preventing the spread of acute respiratory disease COVID-19 caused by coronavirus, quantitative restrictions have been imposed on the presence of media representatives at the match.

Entry and stay of media representatives on the territory of the stadium will be allowed only if there are personal protective equipment. We urge you to be careful, follow the established rules and recommendations and take care of your personal safety and the safety of others.

On the day of the match, October 13, the entrance to the stadium of representatives of accredited media and the issuance of accreditations and photos will be carried out at the entrance "Western 5" starting with 19.45.

We draw the attention of photojournalists who will receive accreditations for the game: access to the central sectors to photograph the teams before the match - through southwest tunnel and the 79th sector. After that, you will need to go down the gate for further photography.

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