World Cup-2022 qualifying. Calendar of Group D matches: Ukraine to start with away game against France

UEFA has published a calendar of matches of the qualifying tournament for the 2022 World Cup in European zone.

Group D match calendar

1 round. 24.03.2021

Finland - Bosnia and Herzegovina (21.45)

France - Ukraine (21.45)

2 round. 28.03.2021

Kazakhstan - France (16.00)

Ukraine - Finland (21.45)

3 round. 31.03.2021

Bosnia and Herzegovina - France (21.45)

Ukraine - Kazakhstan (21.45)

4 round. 01.09.2021

Kazakhstan - Ukraine (17.00)

France - Bosnia and Herzegovina (21.45)

5 round. 04.09.2021

Finland - Kazakhstan (19.00)

Ukraine - France (21.45)

6 round. 07.09.2021

Bosnia and Herzegovina - Kazakhstan (21.45)

France - Finland (21.45)

7 round. 09.10.2021

Kazakhstan - Bosnia and Herzegovina (16.00)

Finland - Ukraine (19.00)

8 round. 12.10.2021

Kazakhstan - Finland (17.00)

Ukraine - Bosnia and Herzegovina (21.45)

9 round. 13.11.2021

Bosnia and Herzegovina - Finland (16.00)

France - Kazakhstan (21.45)

10 round. 16.11.2021

Bosnia and Herzegovina - Ukraine (21.45)

Finland - France (21.45)

The Kyiv time for matches is given.

10 winners selected groups will go directly to the 2022 World Cup. The second teams will continue to fight in the next stage.

Playoff round

The 10 second teams of the qualifying groups and the two best teams among the winners of the groups of the League of Nations 2020/2021 (of those who will not get to the top two in the qualification groups of the 2022 World Cup) will play in March 2022 in the playoffs, which will consist of two single-match stages.

The 12 participants will first determine the six in the butt semifinal matches, and then in the finals - the three strongest. They will receive the remaining three tickets to Qatar. The World Cup will be held from November 21 to December 18, 2022.

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