Officially. SCF UAF applied disciplinary sanctions to Volodymyr Shepelev and Vladlen Yurchenko

The Control and Disciplinary Committee of the Ukrainian Football Association has decided to punish the playersof FC Dynamo (Kyiv) Volodymyr Shepelev and FC Zorya (Luhansk) Vladlena Yurchenko.

Given the nature of the violations, the explanations of the players and the practice of the SCC UAF in similar cases, it was decided to partially cancel on the basis of Art. 27 of the UAF Disciplinary Rules of the standard sanction for a serious game violation (which in accordance with paragraph 2.1. Of Annex 5 to the Disciplinary Rules is two matches), and the application to the players of FC Dynamo (Kyiv) Volodymyr Shepelev and FC Zorya (Luhansk) Vladlena Yurchenko, who were removed in the matches of the 13th round of the UPL with FC Kolos and the fourth round of the Cup of Ukraine with FC Desna, respectively, were suspended for one match and additionally for one match conditionally.

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