Ruslan Malinovsky: “Even with Germany, the national team of Ukraine can play much stronger. Last year we had to take points from her "

Midfielder of the national team of Ukraine Ruslan Malinovsky took part in the program "Main team. Christmas results » live on TV channel "Football 1". The Atalanta midfielder mentioned the performances of the blue-yellows in 2020 and shared his expectations from the current year.

- What did you remember when you spent 2020?

- First of all - our matches in the League of Nations. This is a great experience for the whole team. I think that if we played with all these strong opponents this year, we would have performed even better, because we have already gained experience. Even with Germany, in which we suffered two defeats, the national team of Ukraine can play much stronger. We had to take points in these matches. Last year was full. I hope that in 2021 everything will be much better, fans will be able to return to the stadiums, all people will be healthy, and the coronavirus will go away.

Who was the best player of the national team of Ukraine last year?

- Hard to tell. Because of the coronavirus, many performers dropped out, there was a rotation for each fight. Andriy Shevchenko prepared the lineup, and then came the positive tests, and we had to make changes. The guys showed themselves great. Take at least a game with Spain! It is a pity that I missed it. Then our players came out and showed the result. In our team, everyone can replace another, it's healthy competition. Due to this, it will be more interesting, and the guys will fight for their place in the team.

The victory over Spain in the League of Nations was the top for our team in terms of achievements last year. You missed this match due to disqualification. Didn't you have a weird feeling after the final whistle?

- There were only joyful emotions. My wife and I watched the game. We were very happy for the guys who beat a strong opponent. On the eve of the September match in Madrid, which we lost, many players have not yet passed the training camp, we have just started the championship, we have spent a lot of energy on Switzerland. And in matches with teams like Spain, you always have to be in shape. I think that was not enough on the road. As for the home match with this opponent, we proved that we can play interesting football. The boys performed the tasks of the coaching staff, played compactly and took advantage of their moment. In the same game with Germany, we could have hoped for more if we had better realized our chances.

How did you spend the New Year holidays?

- At Christmas, Atalanta had a game. Before the match, my family and I celebrated at home. Ahead of us is a match with Udinese. Yesterday my wife and I also sat down to dinner.

How will we see the national team of Ukraine in 2021?

- First of all, everyone will be very motivated. I think the team will be ready, God forbid, the tests for COVID-19 were negative. Our team will be even stronger this year, because the coaching staff has been working for a long time, and the team is only progressing. We do not stand still, we try to work on weaknesses, to improve what does not work out. I believe that a lot can be expected from the national team. Now we have such a mentality that everyone wants to play beautiful football, to show results. In football, the most important thing is the result. And it comes when there is a quality game.

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