FIFA Disciplinary Committee extends SCC and UAF sanctions worldwide

The FIFA Disciplinary Committee informed the UAF about the worldwide effect of the decision to ban former UAF referees Aranovsky VA, Molotokas V. Yu., Vyshnevsky Yu. I., Smilyak DM, Denisyuk DV, UAF arbitration observer Burenko Yu. V. and football player Raichev OI to carry out any activity related to football (administrative, sports, etc.).

According to Art. 66 of the FIFA Disciplinary Code, such a decision is made at the request of the relevant national association in the event of entry into force of a decision of the football justice body in a case of serious violations, including, but not limited to, discrimination, influence on match results, illegal actions against match officials. forgery or falsification.

It will be recalled that by the decisions of the UAF Control and Disciplinary Committee dated August 01.08.2019, 13.12.2019 and the UAF Appeals Committee dated December 10, XNUMX, the above-mentioned persons were suspended from football for a period of two to XNUMX years due to participation and organization of manipulations. PFL league.

11.01.2021 17:40

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