CAS considered the case of the match Switzerland - Ukraine

Today, 16 February, the Court of Arbitration for Sport of Lausanne held an online hearing on the UAF's appeal against the UEFA Appeals Committee's decision to credit Ukraine with a technical defeat in the League of Nations match against Switzerland on 17 November 2020.

Representatives of the UAF, represented by President Andriy Pavelko, Vice President and Secretary General Yuriy Zapisotsky, legal advisers from the Ukrainian Bar Association and reputable sports law firms from Spain and Switzerland, provided ample evidence to review the UEFA Appeals Committee's decision.

"The Court of Arbitration for Sport clearly adheres to procedural aspects, including the right of the parties to the proceedings to be heard. Therefore, all three parties that took part in the meeting - the Ukrainian and Swiss associations, as well as the UEFA representative - were given the right to provide arguments for their positions and appeal to the arguments of opponents.

In total, the meeting lasted more than five hours. In my opinion, our legal team worked professionally. And the decision in the case will be duly announced by the Sports Arbitration Court of Lausanne in accordance with the current procedural rules, "- commented on the course of the meeting, UAF Secretary General Yuri Zapisotsky.

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