UEFA has announced the agenda of the organization's nearest executive committee

The next meeting of the UEFA Executive Committee, which includes UAF President Andriy Pavelko, will kick-off April 19 in Montreux (Switzerland). The meeting will last from 10.00 to 15.00 Kyiv time.

The main items on the agenda:

- format of UEFA club tournaments after 2024;

- the course of preparation for Euro 2020;

- new regulations and scheme of distribution of finances in the UEFA Women's Champions League in the cycle 2021-2025;

- distribution of finances in UEFA men's club tournaments in the cycle 2021-2024.

Appointment of owners:

- final stages of youth tournaments of 2023, 2024 and 2025;

- the final stage of Euro-2022 in futsal among young men under 19 years old.

Approval of regulations:

- UEFA Champions League 2021-2024;

- UEFA Europa League 2021-2024;

- UEFA Youth League 2021-2024;

- UEFA Super Cup 2021-2024;

- UEFA Futsal Champions League-2021/2022;

- Euro-2022 in futsal among young people under 19 years old.

An online media briefing will take place after the meeting. UEFA will also release a press release with all the decisions of the executive committee.

The next day, April 20, the 45th UEFA Congress will take place in Montreux, with the participation of UAE President Andriy Pavelko, a member of the UEFA Executive Committee. 

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