Explanation of the UAF Referees Committee regarding the episode in the match of the semifinals of the Cup of Ukraine "Agribusiness" - "Dynamo"

The Committee of Referees of the Ukrainian Football Association explained some game episodes of the match of the 1/2 final of the Cup of Ukraine-2020/2021 "Agribusiness" - "Dynamo".


65 minutes. During the match for the ball between the players №34 of FC Dynamo and №17 of FC Agribusiness, a game collision and a fall of both players took place within the penalty area of ​​FC Agrobusiness. The referee awarded an 11-meter kick to the goal of FC Agribusiness and showed a yellow card (for reckless actions), believing that the violation was committed by a player of the defending team, namely №17.

In this game episode, both players, №34 FC Dynamo and №17 FC Agribusiness, intended and were able to play with an equal foot, but the player of FC Dynamo turned out to be more agile, for a moment ahead of his opponent, played in the ball, after which he made an attack (with the limb of a boot) on the leg of a player of FC "Agribusiness", which "spread" on the lawn (while he tried to avoid a collision); after such actions (both players) physical contact between them still took place. The VAA, having all the control options (as required by the VAA Protocol), reviewed the actions of both players and recommended that the referee review the field (PNP) to possibly change his initial decision to award an 11-meter kick and cancel the yellow card, claiming that the offensive was initiated. on the leg (to which the referee responded) was a player №34 FC "Dynamo", and this situation should be interpreted as a game collision, which is not subject to punishment (playing football involves the presence of physical contact).

The referee's position was generally good in order to control the players' actions well, but some loss of concentration did not allow him to make a more acceptable correct decision that would correspond to requirements of the current Rules of the game.

03.06.2021 14:00

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