Clarification of the UAF Referees Committee regarding the episode in the match of the semifinals of the Cup of Ukraine "Alexandria" - "Zorya"

The Committee of Referees of the Ukrainian Football Association explained some game episodes of the match of the 1/2 final of the Cup of Ukraine-2020/2021 Oleksandriya - Zorya.


105 + 1 min The game situation is related to the determination of the compensated time and the end of the half / match at the same time.

In this game episode, the referee of the match determined and compensated one minute before the end of the first half of the additional playing time, which is an additional minimum playing time. Guided by the requirements of paragraph 3 of Rule 7, the 4th referee in the last minute of the first half of extra time of the game showed the audience an electronic scoreboard with the number on it. As a rule, according to the relevant recommendations, the referees should allow the attacking team to complete the active phase of attacking actions, and if at the end of the compensated (minimum) playing time the team gets the right to perform the standard position (11-meter, penalty, corner kicks and etc.), they must also provide time to comply with this standard, which is what happened in this situation.

Before the corner kick, the referee of the match announced to the players of both teams, who were next to each other, that the team of "Zorya" gets the right to simultaneously execute a corner and a direct shot on goal, in a short period of time. After the ball was sent to the penalty area of ​​FC "Alexandria", there were three short touches to the ball, after which it hit the home team's goal, which was the end of this (one-moment) standard position. Practically, after the first touch to the ball (within the penalty area) the referee's signal about the end of the first half of extra time was heard, which did not correspond to the main principles of "common sense" and "spirit of the Rules of the Game". Such actions of the referee did not give any chance to VAA (VAR) to correct this situation and score a goal, because the ball crossed the goal line after the whistle from the referee to end the half, and change any decision of the referee became impossible. 

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