Valery Lobanovsky's tournament. Players of the youth national team of Ukraine shared their thoughts after the game with Azerbaijan

In the first match at the Valery Lobanovsky Tournament, the youth national team of Ukraine gave up Azerbaijan with a score of 0: 1. After the match, Ruslan Rotan's team appreciated this result.

Konstantin Vivcharenko (defender):

"We had a bad first half and I think a good second. We can't say that they played well in general. We will work on mistakes, analyze. "

Mikhail Mudryk (midfielder):

"Everyone had a desire, we tried to install the coach. Maybe somewhere Azerbaijan outplayed us more tactically, prepared better, that's why we lost.

Very ashamed of the result. No matter what the tournament is, friendly or official, we cannot lose. We defend the honor of Ukraine and in every match we must prove that we are worthy to be here. Must win every game, whatever format it is. In the second match you just have to win. "

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