Before the start of the first league. The highlight of the tournament is the introduction of playoff rounds

Today, on July 24, the rivalry in the first league championship of Ukraine will start with the matches "Girnyk-Sport" - "Kramatorsk", "Flint" - "VPK-Agro", "Agribusiness" - "Volyn" and "Uzhhorod" - "Prykarpattya".

The highlight of the current tournament is the introduction of playoff rounds. The two best teams move to the elite division. Clubs that finish in 3rd or 4th place can also advance in the class, provided they win in the transitional matches of rivals who will take 12th and 13th place in the UPL championship.

The last four teams are relegated to the second league. In addition, the club finishing 12th will meet in the transition match with the winner of the additional match between the teams finishing third in their groups of the second league.

The last, 30th round will take place on May 21, 2022, and it is possible to predict a sharp competition on all floors of the standings.

Participants of the Ukrainian championship among the teams of the first league

  1. Ahrobiznes (Volochysk)
  2. Alliance (Lime Valley)
  3. Volyn (Lutsk)
  4. "VPK-Agro" (Shevchenkivka, Dnipropetrovsk region)
  5. Hirnyk-Sport (Horishni Plavni)
  6. Kramatorsk
  7. Flint (Kremenchuk)
  8. Kryvbas (Kryvyi Rih)
  9. Metalist (Kharkiv)
  10. Niva (Ternopil)
  11. Obolon (Kiev)
  12. Olimpik (Donetsk)
  13. Podillya (Khmelnytskyi)
  14. Polissya (Zhytomyr)
  15. Prykarpattya (Ivano-Frankivsk)
  16. Uzhhorod
20.09.2021 21:37

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