Ukraine's beach soccer team lost in the first match of the 2021 Euroleague Super Final

Today, the national beach soccer team of Ukraine held its first match in the Superleague of the Euroleague-2021, which takes place in the Portuguese town of Figueira da Foz.

Mykola Kostenko's wards met with the team that ranks second in the world rankings, the Portuguese national team. The first period of the match was left to the hosts, who went ahead with the efforts of Jordan. 

The second 12 minutes turned out to be surprisingly effective. In it, the Ukrainians and the Portuguese scored four goals for each other, and before the last period, Mario Narciso's charges were ahead - 5: 4. In the third period, the teams first exchanged goals, and in the last seconds the Portuguese put an end - 7: 5 in their favor. 

Tomorrow, the blue and yellows will play against Switzerland in their second match of the Euroleague Super Final.

Euroleague Super Final 2021. Group 2

Ukraine - Portugal - 5: 7

Goals: Voitenko (16), Korniychuk (20), Shcheritsa (20, from the penalty spot, 34), Pashko (23) - Jordan (1, 16, from the penalty spot, 36), Martins (15, 24, 27), Santos (22) .

Ukraine: Gladchenko, Nerush, I. Borsuk, A. Borsuk, Zborovsky, Voitenko, Korniychuk, Shcherytsia, Pashko, Zavorotny, Medvid, Voytok.

Removed: Gladchenko (9), Shcheritsa (36).

In another match in our group, the Italian team confidently defeated Switzerland - 7: 3.

Calendar of the Superleague of the Euroleague 2021 


Group 2. Italy - Switzerland - 7: 3 

Group 1. Spain - Belarus - 0: 4 

Group 1. Poland - RFU - 2: 7 

Group 2.  Ukraine - Portugal - 5: 7 


15.15. Italy - Ukraine. Group 2

16.30. Spain - Poland. Group 1

19.00 RFU - Belarus. Group 1

20.30. Portugal - Switzerland. Group 2


15.15. Switzerland - Ukraine. Group 2

16.30. Belarus - Poland. Group 1

17.45. Portugal - Italy. Group 2

19.00 RFU - Spain. Group 1

Kyiv time is given. 

On September 12, the winners of the groups will play each other in the final of the Euroleague-2021. The winners of other places will be determined in the clashes between the teams that took the appropriate places in their fours. The start time of the matches is still unknown.

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