Congratulations of FIFA President Gianni Infantino to the Ukrainian Association of Football

FIFA President Gianni Infantino congratulated the participants of the gala evening in honor of the 30th anniversary of the Ukrainian Football Association, which is being held today in Kiev at the National Opera of Ukraine:

"Dear Mr. President, dear friends! 30 years ago, 1991, was a historic day for Ukrainian football - the Ukrainian Football Association (UAF) was established. Today, when we celebrate the 30th anniversary of the UAF, is undoubtedly no less important.

On behalf of the international football community, I am pleased to congratulate all of you on this important milestone, which has been achieved only through the support of those who believe in the beauty and benefits of football, a sport that unites us all.

During these 30 years, there have been many success stories, memorable moments and unforgettable legends that have written football history in Ukraine, Europe and around the world.

The history of your association is closely connected with the greatest successes of players and coaches who had a huge impact on modern football. Today, they continue to inspire many boys and girls in Ukraine, Europe and the world.

In 2006, Ukraine impressed everyone at the World Cup in Germany, reaching the quarterfinals and losing only to the future champion - Italy.

But the best, perhaps, is still ahead in Ukraine, and these expectations come from the upbringing of talented young people who won the title of world champion in U-20 football in Poland in 2019. The victory in the final over the national team of the Republic of Korea showed the great potential of the players and became the starting point of their transition to the senior national teams.

Finally, I would also like to pay tribute to all those who implement the development of our sport in your country, who continue to contribute to this invaluable heritage, namely clubs, leagues, regional and national associations, all amateurs and professionals. FIFA is proud to support your support in the development of our sport and the promotion of its values ​​in Ukraine and internationally.

I wish everyone success in the coming years and I look forward to witnessing with you the opportunity to witness future exciting events in Ukrainian football.

All the best for decades to come! ”

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