Goalkeepers of women's national teams of Ukraine will hold NTZ in Slavutych

Training session of goalkeepers of national women's national teams of Ukraine will start on December 15 in Slavutych, Kyiv region, reports the Ukrainian Association of Women's Football reports..

After an almost two-year break due to the pandemic and changes in the competition calendar, the blue-and-yellow goalkeepers are returning to the training process. The task of the training camp will be comprehensive work, which will include physical training and improving the technical and tactical skills of goalkeepers.

At this stage of training, the national team goalkeeping coach Oleksandr Mytko called up 16 players, including well-known representatives of the WU-19 youth team and the WU-17 girls' team, as well as candidates for the youngest national team, WU-15.

List of women's national team goalkeepers

Daria Kelyushik (Kryvbas, Kryvyi Rih) - born in 2003

Marina Dudnik (EMS-Podillya, Vinnytsia) - born in 2004

Kateryna Boklach (Ladomir, Volodymyr-Volynskyi) - born in 2004

Tatiana Gadada (Ladomir, Volodymyr-Volynskyi) - born in 2004

Margarita Lutsyuk (Veres, Rivne) - born in 2004

Sofia Lipatova (First Capital, Kharkiv) - born in 2005

Eva Raenko (Panthers, Uman) - born in 2006

Oksana Zahirna (Karpaty, Lviv) - born in 2006

Victoria Kalinchuk (Polissya, Zhytomyr) - born in 2006

Victoria Kanevska (Panthers, Uman) - born in 2007

Svitlana Snigur (KOLISP, Kostopil) - born in 2007

Victoria Poplavska (Youth, Chernihiv) - born in 2007

Antonina Zinko (Ladomir, Volodymyr-Volynskyi) - born in 2008

Oleksandra Strilchenko (Yunost, Chernihiv) - born in 2008

Alina Pasko (UAF Academy, Kyiv) - born in 2008

Nadiya Stepkina (CYSS 26, Kyiv) - born in 2009

The team plans to train twice, which will alternate with work in the acrobatic hall of FOC "Olympus" and in the arena of the sports complex "Olympian". Players will also have daily theoretical classes.

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