Oleksandr Petrakov: “I want to wish all Ukrainians health, luck and patience. And the national team will do everything possible to make it to the World Cup. "

Summing up the results of the year, the official website of the UAF asked a few questions to the head coach of the national team of Ukraine Oleksandr Petrakov, under whose leadership the blue and yellows took second place in the group stage of the 2022 World Cup qualifiers and will take part in the playoffs. will meet in Glasgow with the team of Scotland.

- Alexander Vasilyevich, how do you assess your stage of work with the main team of the country?

- I would not like to do that, because for us the selection is not over yet. Ahead - butt matches, the first of which - against Scotland. So far, only half of the task has been completed.

- After the decisive match with Bosnia and Herzegovina, you lost the prefix "v. at.". Did it matter to you?

- In no case. This did not prevent me from doing my job well. When you are in the process, especially with the national team of Ukraine, you do not pay attention to such details. Moreover, I constantly felt support from UAF President Andriy Pavelko. I want to thank him for his trust.

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- Under your leadership, they made their debut in the national team of Ukraine seven football players. Are you happy with these guys?

- It takes time to draw any conclusions. But if these performers came out on the field in blue and yellow T-shirts, then they deserved it. We closely monitor all players with Ukrainian passports. I believe that these are not the last debutants in the main team of the country.

- It was obvious that you are not upset by the result of the draw for the playoffs of the 2022 World Cup ...

- I did not want to come across Italy or Portugal. And although the British teams are also strong, it will be interesting to meet Scotland. It is a pity that we will not play on our field. But nothing, we will prepare. We are not afraid of anyone.

- By the way, we will have to meet the Scots three times next year.

- It was like that lot League of Nations. Well, the more interesting it will be. We have never played against Ireland, so it will also be a good experience for our team. And we haven't seen Armenia for a long time. I think it will be an interesting rivalry. But if we want to return to Division A, we need to win the group. The national championship ends on May 21, the national teams will have a rest, and then we will start preparing for the League of Nations matches. In June, the game schedule will be very tight, as you will have to play four matches in a short period of time.

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- Which match was the most difficult for you at the helm of the national team of Ukraine?

- Each of the seven matches was difficult in its own way. But I would still single out the away match against the Bosnians, as it decided the future of the Ukrainian national team.

- During your work in the national team, did you feel the support of the fans?

- Undoubtedly. Our fans helped us a lot in both away and home matches. I was especially impressed by the atmosphere at Arena Lviv. I have never seen such a thing. It gave my wards strength. I can only thank the fans from the bottom of my heart for this.

- What do you wish the fans of the national team of Ukraine on the eve of the New Year holidays?

- I want to wish health, luck and patience not only to the fans, but also to all my compatriots. Together we are a force! I can promise that the national team of Ukraine will do everything possible to make it to the finals of the World Cup.

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