The national futsal team of Ukraine is preparing in Bucha for Euro-2022

Oleksandr Kosenko's wards continue preparations for the European Championship in the Netherlands, which begins on January 19.

The country's main futsal team began the final stage of preparations for Euro 2022 on Monday, January 10. Oleksandr Kosenko called up to the national team 16 players, 14 of whom will be included in the application for the final tournament. It should be noted that Serhiy Malyshko and Mykola Mykytyuk are unable to help the team due to injuries.

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In the first two days, the blue-yellows held trainings, and on January 13 and 15 friendly matches with Kazakhstan were planned. However, due to the imposition of a state of emergency in the country, the opponent will not be able to fly to Ukraine, so friendly matches were canceled. Instead, Oleksandr Kosenko's wards will play a friendly match against the Sky Up team from the First league. The match takes place on Saturday, January 15 (kick-off at 20.00).

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Today, the blue-yellows team held a training in Bucha at the Academy of Sports, which was open to the media. The Ukrainian team worked out the standard session, ran, worked with the ball, played double-sided game. After the training, the journalists had the opportunity to talk to the head coach and some players.

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In the future, our team will work in a combined format, using the mode of double and single training. The flight to the Netherlands is scheduled for January 17. We will remind, at Euro-2022 Ukraine have been drawn to Group A, where they will play with Netherlands, Serbia and Portugal.

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Futsal Euro 2022. Group stage

Group A: Netherlands, Portugal, Serbia, Ukraine.

Group B: Kazakhstan, Italy, Slovenia, Finland.

Group C: Russia, Croatia, Poland, Slovakia.

Group D: Spain, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia.

Before the calendar of the final tournament, date, time and place of each match was published. The national team of Ukraine will take part in the first day of the competition and play against Netherlands.

Calendar. Group A


Serbia - Portugal (18.30, Amsterdam)

Netherlands - Ukraine (21.30, Amsterdam)


Serbia - Ukraine (15.30, Amsterdam)

Portugal - Netherlands (18.30, Amsterdam)


Ukraine - Portugal (21.30, Groningen)

Netherlands - Serbia (21.30, Amsterdam)

The start time of the matches is Kyiv.




  1. Group B winner - second group A team (Amsterdam)
  2. Group A winner - second group B team (Amsterdam)


  1. Group C winner - second team of group D (Amsterdam)
  2. Group D winner - second group C team (Amsterdam)



Winner of quarterfinal 2 - winner of quarterfinal 4 (Amsterdam)

Winner of quarterfinal 1 - winner of quarterfinal 3 (Amsterdam)

Match for 3rd place


15.30, Amsterdam



18.30, Amsterdam

The start time of the matches is Kyiv.

The matches of the final tournament will take place at the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam (group stage, playoffs) and the Martini Plaza arena in Groningen (group stage).

We will remind that wards of Alexander Kosenko became participants in the final tournament following the results of the group stage of qualification, where they were left behind Croatia (2: 3, 2: 7) and ahead of Denmark (6: 2, 8: 2) and Albania (10: 3, 5: 0).

In the ranking of teams that took second place, Ukrainians settled on the second position. In total, the six best second teams out of eight went directly to the European Championship, another participant was determined by the playoffs.

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