Mykhailo Zvarych: With such a mood, dedication and fighting spirit, we will beat Portugal

Mykhailo Zvarych, a player of the Ukrainian national futsal team, commented on the victory over Serbia in the final tournament of Euro-2022.

In the second match of the final tournament of the European Championship-2022 blue-yellows won over Serbia - 6: 1. After the game, the author of the brace, Mykhailo Zvarych, shared his emotions.

"Everyone fought and tried to do their best, all well done. Thanks to everyone - family, friends, fans - for their support. Congratulations to the whole Ukraine on the victory.

The charge of our team was on the bench and in the stands. We felt that we were being supported. Everyone had thoughts only about the game, we were the whole one and made the result.

Perhaps the Serbs thought we had lost to the Dutch and surrendered. But we fought to the end, tuned in to a serious opponent. The Balkans were the favorites, but we won, and that's very good.

Now we will prepare for Portugal. I think that with such mood, dedication and fighting spirit we will beat them as well, ”Mykhailo Zvarych summed up.

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