Valery Palamarchuk: "The most important match is with the Bulgarians, it will determine who will keep a residence permit in the elite division"

In mid-May, the youth women's national team of Ukraine WU-19 in Austria will take part in the matches of League A of the second round of Euro 2022, where its rivals, in addition to the hosts, will be the teams of Norway and Bulgaria. The winner of the group will get to the final tournament, the outsider will move to League B.

As the head coach of the youth women's national team of Ukraine Valery Palamarchuk said in a comment to the official website of the UAF, Russia's aggression against Ukraine has made its adjustments and forced UEFA shift fights in our group from April to May.

- When are you going to go to Austria?

We plan to leave Kyiv by bus on May 7. Although we have not yet decided on the route - to get through Poland or Slovakia. The fact is that of the 18 players registered, only two are currently in Ukraine. These are Anastasia Dovhanyk from Ladomir (Volodymyr-Volynskyi) and Bohdan Hryha from Dynamo Kyiv. Others play abroad, mostly for Polish and Slovak clubs. By the way, Bohdana is the only newcomer in our national team. I also hope that there will be no problems with the arrival of the leaders - Yulia Khrystyuk and Nadiya Ivanchenko, who study in the United States and play for local teams.

- The situation is such that your wards will have to perform in Austria without the traditional training camp…

You know, when there is a war in your country, you don't even pay attention to it. I am in constant contact with the wards, and all of them are of the opinion that the most important thing is to start in the tournament, and we will restore game ties during the official matches. Moreover, the most important match - with the Bulgarians, in which it will be determined who will keep a residence permit in the elite division - is final. However, this does not mean that in the first matches, with the hosts and the Norwegians, we are going to be extras.

By the way, the venues of the games in Austria have changed. On May 10 we will compete with the Norwegians in Wales, in three days we will play with the hosts in Bad Wimsbach-Naidharting. In the same town on May 16 we will find out relations with Bulgarians. Earlier it was planned that the matches would take place in Lindabrunn and Traiskirchen.

- What information do you have about rivals?

The chances of the national teams of Austria and Norway, which were remembered for skillful drawing of standard provisions, are estimated a little higher. By the way, with the Austrian counterparts, we played in the Netherlands in October last year in the first round of Euro 2022, missed the last minutes and lost - 0: 1. In my opinion, these teams have a certain advantage due to playing practice, but our girls will try to level it with dedication and game discipline.

As for the Bulgarians, they are the debutants of the tournament of this level. In the duel with them, we will only tune in to win.

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