Charitable tournaments "Cup of the Armed Forces of Ukraine" took place in Rivne region

As part of the UAF Coordination Headquarters, tournaments called the Armed Forces Cup took place in Zdolbuniv and Rivne.

The money raised during the first and second Futsal Cups went to buy a car. It will be transferred to the combat zone for Rivne football referee Volodymyr Kulay. During the competition we managed to collect 62 and 200 hryvnias. in accordance.

"We will win the war against Russia for many reasons. One of them is the volunteer unity of the entire Ukrainian people to help the front. This is how we are radically different from the aggressor country, "said Oleksiy Khakhlov, head of the Rivne Regional Football Association and head of the UAF's humanitarian hub in the Rivne region.

The partners of this action were the Rivne Regional Football Association, the Rivne Regional Futsal Association, Veres, the Cardinal-Rivnestandard Futsal Club, Kornyn FC, AutoPlus and every athlete who took part in the competition.

The series of charity tournaments "Cup of the Armed Forces of Ukraine" in Rivne region continues. The next competitions will take place on May 7-8 in Dubna and on May 14-15 in Sarny.

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