Roman Yaremchuk: There is still enough time before the match with Scotland to prepare well and show a decent game

Forward of the national team of Ukraine Roman Yaremchuk commented on the victory over Empoli in the friendly match.

The blue and yellows continue to prepare for the 2022 World Cup qualifiers and the UEFA Nations League 2022/2023. The national team of Ukraine in the friendly game won over Empoli with a score of 3:1. After the match, Roman Yaremchuk, who scored one of the goals of our team, commented on this result.

- You haven't scored for Benfica for a long time. How much will the goal against Empoli help now?

- I am always happy to come to the national team, there is a completely different level of players, it is much easier for me to play, I have a lot more goal moments. I am happy that I scored, I will develop further.

- How do you feel after the club season? What are the results of the first season at Benfica?

- Now it makes no sense to say anything about the club, because I am in the national team. At Benfica, I am very happy. Of course, I did not spend such a season as in Belgium, but I am developing, I think I have made a big and serious step in my career. At the moment I am in the national team, I enjoy communicating with partners and the training process, only positive emotions.

- How do you assess your physical condition?

- The coaching staff should give an assessment. I feel good. There is still enough time before the match with Scotland, we can make a lot of effort to prepare well and show a decent game. We are on the right track.

- Oleksandr Karavaev scored in a spectacular style. How do you comment on his goal from the striker's point of view?

- Oleksandr has enough skills to provide such a finishing. He scored with a cold blood, well done. For a right-back, such connections are quite interesting. I am happy for him, congratulations on the second goal for the national team.

- Have you watched Eurovision, where Ukraine won?

- The whole team watched Eurovision, we were keeping our fists, sending votes. Indeed, I am proud that I am a Ukrainian, that such people win at Eurovision, that the whole world knows about us. I want to congratulate the Kalush Orchestra, well done guys. I understand that now everyone is expecting the same feats from the national team of Ukraine.

- The national team of Ukraine went to the pitch with the flags of the European Union. What does this performance mean to you?

- The country is going in the right direction, we are all heading in the EU. We want to show that we want to be there. We see support from the European Union, but we want even more. We have a very difficult aggressor against Ukraine, we need to make every effort to make people see that we want to live along with them, to develop as they do. That is why it is very important to take such an initiative.

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