There are three words for which we have been fighting for a hundred days after eight years: "peace", "victory", "Ukraine". Address by the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky

The President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky addressed the people, in which he mentioned the main words from the beginning of the full-scale Russian aggression.

"Great people of great Ukraine!

Exactly one hundred days ago we all woke up to a different reality. Exactly one hundred days ago the rest of us woke up. When Ukrainians are awakened not by the sun's rays, but by the explosions of missiles that hit our homes, then completely different Ukrainians wake up.

In 2014, Russia came to us with one word, with a new word. And this is the word "war". On February 24, Russia added another to the word, making the phrase "full-scale war."

And for a hundred days we found or received, saw or wanted to erase other words. There are few of them. They are different, but they reflect what we have experienced.

Among these words are new to us. And those that were forgotten by our parents, but which we had to remember. Well known to everyone on the planet. And those that all people have to remember with horror. Painful words. And those that really give us hope. Everyone is important. It will be right to remember everyone today. One hundred days - one hundred words.

First of all, these are two words: "our heroes". That is, first of all, people who have been defending our state since the night of February 24.

And then there are the Ukrainian words: "palyanytsia", "armed forces", "Stugna", "Kozak", "Zmiiny" ... And, of course, "Chornobaivka" is one word that has been heard many times and which shows everything is about our resistance and our enemies.

And also - foreign words that have become native to Ukraine: "Bayraktar", "Harpoon", "Hymars", "Starlink", "Rzeszow" ... And, of course, "land lease" - another word, just one, but which reflects a hundred days of struggle, a hundred days of diplomacy, a hundred days of support.

And a word that reflects something important in our character. It is in the Ukrainian character. The Javelins, who frightened their enemies because they did not expect to be saved by armor. And then a smile, our smile, when Ukrainians also painted "Saint Javelin".

Well, the word for which everyone in Ukraine raises a glass - "Neptune".

Every day we have words that are much more than just words for everyone. Heavy words. Gostomel, Borodyanka, Okhtyrka, Chernihiv, Kharkiv, Kherson, Izyum, Melitopol, Mariupol, Mariupol and Azovstal.

And with them - "army", "art", "Marines", "border guards", "intelligence", "National Guards", "police", "defense", "aviation", "our heroic pilots" ... A also the word "ghost". The ghost of Kiev. Who destroyed enemies and survived.

We may not have heard all these words as many times in our lives as we have heard in these hundred days. And every time we hear them, we know: they give us the time and opportunity to live as long as we are given. Taken away by God. Not the enemy.

"God" is a word, this appeal has been heard more than once. And always special.

There were also words that our enemy wanted to erase. "Volnovakha" and "Saltivka", "Popasna" and "Severodonetsk". These are words that we will definitely write again. But in our way. Just like "Bucha". And as "Mariupol". And we will write them next to the word "tribunal".

For other words - "filtration", "deportation", "torture", "shooting", "carpet bombing", "missile strike" - be sure to get an answer. The answer is just one word - "justice". Justice that will become a point after the temporary words for us "occupation", "Mordor", "orcs". Of course, they will come from our lexicon. We will definitely drive them out of our land.

There were also words that gave hope and for which we fought especially. "Humanitarian corridors". Which have become a way of life for hundreds of thousands of people. And who made it possible to overcome another word, the terrible word "blockade".

From the first day we have words with us, the distance between which is as between darkness and light. We avoid one word. This is the word "refugees". In other words, we believe that millions of our people have a future. It will be at home, in Ukraine. This is the word "immigrants".

Much has changed. When we hear the word "Patron", we remember the most famous sapper of Ukraine. And when we hear the "marathon", we realize that this is not about sports.

And, of course, a lot of deadly words have been added to our lexicon. That no Ukrainian man or woman has ever wanted to see. And what no normal person can be proud of. "Iskanders", "Calibers", "Sunshine", "phosphorus bombs" and more.

For some reason they did not see their vaunted Armata tank. I think they were afraid of our new phrase "tractor troops".

And one more phrase is worth mentioning - "the second army of the world". At first it looked threatening. Then it is dangerous. After Bucha called only immediately. And now - except for a bitter smile. Because what's left of her? From the army, which was called the second army in the world? .. War crimes, shame and hatred.

And numbers instead of words. When you see the number of dead every morning. Number of wounded. Number of shellings. Number of missiles. When next to the word "children" - a new number every day. Today - 261. Already 261 children were killed by the Russian invasion. For what? There are no words that can answer this question.

Words have appeared that are now very common. Which sound daily. But we must make sure that for our children they no longer mean what they mean to us today. So that they can perceive them only as history. First of all, this word is "ruins". But also - "siren", "air alarm", "curfew", "checkpoint", "barbed wire". And the word "mine".

There will be many more words that everyone will know. Which will make sense for everyone. And which will give a chance to millions. These are the words "reconstruction", "candidacy" and "membership", "guarantees" and "security". And of course - the word "return". Of course, based on the word that was a dream, but will become a reality - "liberation".

These are the words of our future! These are words about what we will do with our red viburnum, with our glorious Ukraine.

Words about where the enemy warship is heading and will always head. About what to do with the occupiers when someone says: "Vova!" And, of course, our already popular - "Good evening, we are from Ukraine!"

From that Ukraine, where "the field blooms and it turns gray." From the Ukraine that stood, stands and will stand.

Ukraine, whose glory and freedom have not yet died. Ukraine, to which we say: "Glory!" Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the nation! And everyone knows the sequel - "Death to the enemies!"

Because there are three words for which we have been fighting for a hundred days after eight years: "peace", "victory", "Ukraine".

Glory to Ukraine!"

07.06.2023 11:02

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