UEFA Nations League-2022/2023. Group B1: technical data of matches, standings, regulations

The national team of Ukraine plays in the first group of Division B of the UEFA Nations League-2022/2023 together with the teams of Ireland, Scotland and Armenia.


Armenia - Ireland - 1: 0

Goal: Spertsyan (74).

Armenia: Yurchenko, Ambartsumyan, Aroyan, Mkoyan, A. Hovhannisyan (Mkrtchyan, 60), K. Hovhannisyan, Grigoryan, Spertsyan, Barseghyan (Dashyan, 89), Bayramyan, Bihachyan (Adamyan, 56). Head coach: Joaquin Caparros.

Ireland: Kelleher, Coleman (Keane, 81), Stevens (McLain, 73), Duffy, Egan, Collins, Cullen (Brown, 81), Hendrick, Robinson (Knight, 73), Parrott (Obafemi, 65), Ogbene. Head coach: Stephen Kenny.

Booked: Duffy (9), Hendrick (83).

Referee: R. Petrescu (Romania).

Yerevan. Vazgen Sargsyan Stadium.


Scotland - Armenia - 2: 0

Goals: Ralston (28), McKenna (40).

Scotland: Gordon, McKenna, Hendry, Suttar, Robertson (k) (Geeky, 75), McGregor, McGinn, Ralston (Patterson, 75), Christie (Stewart, 86), Adams (Brown, 87), Armstrong (McTominey, 75). Head coach: Steve Clark.

Armenia: Yurchenko, A. Hovhannisyan, Mkoyan, Aroyan (k), Ambartsumyan, Barseghyan, Spertsyan (Udo, 71), Grigoryan (Angulo, 46), K. Hovhannisyan (Voskanyan, 46), Bayramyan (Dashyan, 89), Adamyan (Bihachyan) , 46). Head coach: Joaquin Caparros.

Booked: McGregor (42) - Aroyan (45 + 2), Spertsyan (67).

Referee: S. Gishammer (Austria).

Glasgow. Hampden Park Stadium.

Ireland - Ukraine - 0: 1

Goal: Gypsies (49).

Ireland: Kelleher, Christie (Brownie, 69), Stevens (McClinn, 69), Duffy (k), Egan (O'Shea, 62), Cullen, Robinson (Obafemi, 69), Collins, Hendrick, Knight, Ogbene, Hamilton, 78 ). Substitutions: Talbot, Travers, Gurigan, Keane, Parrott, Molambi, Ebosele. Head coach: Stephen Kenny.

Ukraine: Lunin, Sirota, Bondar, Popov, Mykolenko, Kacharaba (Karavaev, 72), Sidorchuk (k) (Ignatenko, 89), Shaparenko, Mudryk (Pihalonok, 72), Zubkov (Tsygankov, 46), Dovbyk (Sikan, 80). Substitutions: Pyatov, Riznyk, Sobol, Malinovsky, Zabarny, Zinchenko, Matvienko. Head coach: Oleksandr Petrakov.

Referee: F. Glova (Slovakia).

Booked: Cullen (54) - Mikolenko (78).

Dublin. Aviva Stadium.


Ukraine - Armenia - 3: 0

Goals: Malinowski (61), Karavaev (77), Mykolenko (84).

Ukraine: Pyatov (k), Zinchenko (Mykolenko, 77), Matvienko, Zabarny, Karavaev, Shaparenko (Pihalonok, 70), Sidorchuk (Ignatenko, 84), Malinovsky, Mudryk (Zubkov, 78), Tsygankov, Yaremchuk (Dovbyk, 70). Substitutions: Lunin, Riznyk, Bondar, Kacharaba, Popov, Yarmolenko, Sikan. Head coach: Oleksandr Petrakov.

Armenia: Yurchenko, Monroy, Voskanyan, Bayramyan (Bichachyan, 55), Babayan (Adamyan, 55), Barsegyan (Harutyunyan, 66), Hovhannisyan (k), Mkoyan, Udo, Dashyan (Malakyan, 80), St. Мкртчян. Substitutions: Buchnev, Beglaryan, Aroyan, Grigoryan, Angulo, Margaryan, Serobyan, R. Mkrtchyan. Head coach: Joaquin Caparros.

Referee: Daniel Stefansky (Poland).

Booked: Zabarny (45 + 2), Zinchenko (66), Matvienko (87) - Babayan (45 + 2), Bayramyan (52), Adamyan (89), Voskanyan (90).

June 11. Lodz. LKS Stadium.

Ireland - Scotland - 3: 0

Goals: A. Brown (20), Parrott (38), Obafemi (51).

Ireland: Kelleher, McClain, Egan, Duffy, Collins, Molumbi (Hendrick, 84), Cullen, A. Brown, Knight (Gurichain, 72), Obafemi (Hogan, 56), Parrott (Robinson, 84). Head coach: Stephen Kenny.

Scotland: Gordon, McKenna (Suttar, 74), Henley, Hendry (Gilmour, 46), Robertson, McGregor, McTomney, Ralston, Christie (D. Brown, 59), McGinn (Armstrong, 59), Adams (Stewart, 59). Head coach: Steve Clark.

Booked: Duffy (60), Robinson (88) - Christy (44).

Referee: M. Di Bello (Italy).

Dublin. Aviva Stadium.


Armenia - Scotland - 1: 4

Goals: Bihacjan (6) - Armstrong (14, 45 + 1), McGinn (50), Adams (54).

Armenia: Yurchenko, Dashyan, A. Hovhannisyan, Aroyan, Mkoyan, Ambartsumyan, Spertsyan (Angulo, 58), Grigoryan (Mkrtchyan, 46), Bayramyan (K. Hovhannisyan, 59), Barseghyan (Serobyan, 84), Bihahchyan (Udo, 59) . Head coach: Joaquin Caparros.

Scotland: Gordon, McTomney, Hendry, Henley (Campbell, 85), McGregor, Patterson (Ralston, 64), Gilmore (Ferguson, 64), Taylor, McGinn (Turnbull, 64), Armstrong, Adams (Brown, 74). Head coach: Steve Clark.

Yellow cards: Aroyan (32), Hovhannisyan (44), Spertsyan (47), Ambartsumyan (48) - Adams (20), McTominey (90 + 1). After 44 minutes excluded A. Hovhannisyan (Armenia). In the 90th minute excluded K. Hovhannisyan (Armenia).

Referee: N. Dobanovic (Montenegro).

Yerevan. Vazgen Sargsyan Stadium.

Ukraine - Ireland - 1: 1

Goals: Dovbyk (47) - Collins (31).

Ukraine: Riznyk, Mykolenko, Matviyenko (Popov, 72), Zabarnyi, Karavaev, Zinchenko, Sydorchuk, Malinovskyi (Mudryk, 28), Shaparenko, Yarmolenko (k), Dovbyk (Sikan, 73). Substitutions: Lunin, Bondar, Kacharaba, Ignatenko, Tsygankov, Sirota, Sobol, Zubkov.Head coach: Oleksandr Petrakov.

Ireland: Kelleher, O'Shea, Lenichan, Cullen, Parrott (Ogbene, 80), McClean (k), Collins, Brown, Molambi (Hendrick, 67), Knight (Gurichan, 67), Hogan (Robinson, 56). Substitutions: O'Leary, Travers, Christie, Stevens, Keane, Manning, Hamilton, Eboselle. Head coach: Stephen Kenny.

Referee: Ali Palabiik (Turkey).

Booked: Zabarny (49), Yarmolenko (51), Zinchenko (79) - Brown (65), Lenikhan (81).

Lodz. LKS Stadium.


Scotland - Ukraine

Glasgow. Hampden Park Stadium. 21.45.


Armenia - Ukraine

Yerevan. Vazgen Sargsyan Stadium. 16.00

Scotland - Ireland

Glasgow. Hampden Park Stadium. 21.45.


Ireland - Armenia

Dublin. Aviva Stadium. 21.45.

Ukraine - Scotland

Krakow Stadium "Krakowia". 21.45.









1. Ukraine







2. Scotland







3. Ireland







4. Armenia







According to the rules, the winner of the group will receive a ticket to League A, and the last team of the quartet in the next cycle will play in League C. 

From the regulations of the League of Nations

In the case of an equal number of points scored in the group stage of the UEFA League of Nations 2022/2023, there are a number of criteria for determining the final places of teams in the table.

If two or more teams in the same group have an equal number of points after the last round, then for the following criteria are used to determine the places in this order:

  1. More points scored in matches against the teams in question.
  2. The best goal difference in matches between the teams in question.
  3. More goals in matches between the teams in question.
  4. If, according to criteria 1-3, teams still have the same rating, then items 1-3 apply only to the remaining teams.
  5. The best goal difference in all group matches.
  6. More goals in all group matches.
  7. More away goals in all group matches.
  8. More victories in all matches of the group.
  9. More away victories in all group matches.
  10. Lower amount of disciplinary points based on yellow and red cards received by players and team representatives in all group matches (red card - 3 points, yellow card - 1 point, withdrawal for two yellow cards in one match - 3 points).
  11. Position in the starting list of the UEFA League of Nations 2022/2023.

Tickets for Euro-2024 - through the League of Nations

The winners and the second teams of 20 qualifying groups will receive 2024 tickets to the final tournament of Euro-10, where Germany automatically got as the host. Three more licenses will be drawn in March 2024 in the two-round playoffs between the 12 best teams of the League of Nations-2022/2023 (among those who do not get to the Euro directly). 

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