League of Nations-2022/2023. Ukraine - Ireland - 1: 1 (text broadcast)

Today in Lodz at the LKS stadium the national team of Ukraine will meet the team IrLandia in their home match of the League of Nations-2022/2023 (the meeting starts at 21.45 Kyiv time). We will remind, blue-yellow act in the first group of Division B together with the teams of Ireland, Scotland and Armenia. According to the rules, the winner of the group will receive a ticket to League A, and the last team of the quartet in the next cycle will play in League C.

90 + 3 min The final whistle of the referee fixes the draw between Ukraine and Ireland in the final match of the UEFA League of Nations in June - 1: 1!

90 + 2 min The wise man flew past several defenders with a rocket, passed to Yarmolenko, but Andriy couldn't strike an accentuated blow on Kellecher's goal!

90 + 1 min The teams have 2 minutes left to play in this match.

90 minutes. O'Shea's long-range pass found the hands of the Butcher, who was ahead of everyone in the goal area!

88 min Dangerous moment in Ireland! The butcher intercepted the ball after a sharp pass from Robinson to Hendrik! Brilliant reaction from our goalkeeper at the near post!

Photo by Yevhen Kraws

86 minutes. The Ukrainians are trying hard to attack and snatch victory in the match, but the Irish are defending their position!

85 minutes. Sikan pressed Collins in the attack, but Daniel failed to take the ball.

84 minutes. Zinchenko threw a free kick at Mudryk, but Lenihan overtook the Ukrainian and kicked the ball away from danger!

82 minutes. Yellow card to Lenihan for an outright foul against the Wise Man!

81 min Ogbene replaces Parrott in the Irish national team!

80 minutes. The transfer from the left flank to the right found Karavaev in the attack, but Sasha did not have enough space to stop and handle the ball.

79 min Yellow card for Zinchenko for talks with the arbitrator!

78 minutes. There are problems in Ukraine with team speed closer to the end of the game. After the outbreak at the beginning of the second half, the Ukrainians look heavy again and play mostly in statics.

76 minutes. Yarmolenko's pass from the flank to Sikan's free space did not pass. The Ukrainians have the ball at the moment, but without the quality to move forward.

74 minutes. Sidorchuk fulfilled the vertical in hopes of bringing one of the partners to free space, but for his partners this idea came as a complete surprise.

Photo by Yevhen Kraws

72 min Double replacement of Ukraine! Popov replaces Matvienko, and Sikan goes on the field instead of Dovbyk!

71 minutes. Mudryk did not read the plan of Mykolenko, who passed on the flank to Mikhail in the free zone.

70 minutes. The national team of Ukraine was lucky, because the loss of the ball in their own half of the field led to the fact that Parrott almost fell out on a date with the goalkeeper, but did not keep the ball in his feet!

69 min A moment for the national team of Ireland! The long shot from Gurikhan is much higher than the goal.

68 minutes. Ukraine carried out a protracted attack, but the defenders of Ireland did not allow Sidorchuk to strike a final blow from outside the penalty area.

67 minutes. Gurichan and Hendrik come on as substitutes in Ireland, Knight and Molumbi go on holiday!

66 minutes. Shaparenko scored from the bottom of the standard, but the ball hit the wall and did not reach the plane of Kelleher's goal!

65 min Brown received a yellow card for a foul on Shaparenko! Ukraine earned a very dangerous penalty at the entrance to the Irish penalty!

64 minutes. Yarmolenko found Zinchenko in the penalty area by throwing, and Oleksandr tried to take the ball, and then appealed to the referee about the foul by the defender. But in vain ...

Photo by Yevhen Kraws

62 minutes. Nobody responded to Mykolenko's dangerous shot from the left flank! A good attack was dispersed by Mudryk, but, unfortunately, the blue and yellows did not realize it.

61 min Dangerous moment in Ireland! Knight checked the butcher's vigilance with a shot from 25 meters!

59 minutes. The children's loss of the ball in the center of the field from the Ukrainians, and the Irish are already trying to develop their offensive. It ended with an attempt to hit Parrott - past the gate.

58 minutes. Shaparenko fell on the lawn during the attack on Ukraine, but the referee did not see the overlay from the Irish footballer.

57 minutes. Robinson replaces Hogan in the Irish national team!

55 minutes. Kelleher knocks the ball out from under the crossbar after a "candle" from Mudrik from the left flank. But the sphere managed to cross the field line, so from the gate to Ireland.

54 minutes. Ukrainians hold the ball in their own half of the field and draw opponents.

53 minutes. You can see how well the Ukrainians got in the second half, and finally the blue and yellows started to win the fight and rebounds.

51 min Yellow card for Yarmolenko for a rough kick against Cullen in the center of the field! The degree of the match has risen sharply!

49 min Yellow card for Zabarny. Elijah tugged at Parrott's arm and earned a fair warning into his liability.

Photo by Yevhen Kraws

47 min GOAL! DOVBIK! Ukraine scores very quickly from the beginning of the second half! The hosts' quick counterattack ended with Yarmolenko's shot on Dovbyk, and the attacker had no choice but to shoot the Irish.

46 min The second half of the match Ukraine - Ireland starts. The hosts resume the game from the center of the field!

Photo by Yevhen Kraws

45 + 3 min Zinchenko executed a penalty from Ukraine, but the Irish kicked the ball away from sin. And at that moment the referee blew the whistle for the break! The first half is over, Ireland will win minimally in Ukraine - 1: 0!

45 + 2 min Parrott earned a free kick for a foul on himself from Shaparenko in the center of the field.

45 minutes. The referee compensated 3 minutes before the main time of the first half!

44 minutes. Zinchenko made a strike on the technique after a soft flank transfer from Karavaev, but this moment did not pose any danger to the Irish goal.

42 minutes. Yarmolenko played well in contact with Dovbyk and fell in the confrontation with the defender in the penalty area, but the referee did not point to the "point"!

41 minutes. Mudrik lost the ball on the flank, and Ireland immediately launched a counterattack on the flank, but Zabarny read this episode in time.

39 minutes. Ukraine's attack ended with Yarmolenko's flank pass and a canopy on Mudryk, but Mykhailo hit his opponent in the back of the head with his elbow.

38 min Dangerous moment in Ireland! Knight in the center hit the goal of Ukraine - Riznyk in the fall turned the ball to the side, and then confidently caught it after the canopy from the flank!

36 min Dangerous moment in Ukraine! Ukraine's quick attack ended with a solo pass on Mudryk's flank and his canopy under Karavaev's blow - past the goal!

33 minutes. We will hope that Ukraine will wake up after this missed goal and speed up the game, because Petrakov's wards have no right to lose in the home game.

Photo by Yevhen Kraws

31 min GOAL! COLLINS! Ukraine's loss of the ball in the center of the field led to the fact that Collins moved to the center in the attack, slipped Zinchenko and Zabarny and hit the goalkeeper Riznyk!

30 minutes. Ukraine tried to pass from defense to attack through a pass, but Dovbyk lost the ball under pressure near the center line.

28 min Malinowski is already on the bench, and Mudryk runs out onto the football field! Ukraine is replacing!

27 minutes. Zinchenko had a conversation with Petrakov. It seems that now Mudryk will come on the field, and Ukraine will be rebuilt - Shaparenko will go to the center.

Photo by Yevhen Kraws

26 min Malinowski is asking for a replacement, signaling to the coaching staff that he cannot continue the game. This is a serious loss for the blue and yellows!

25 minutes. Malinowski feels pain after a collision with Cullen in one of the previous episodes. Ruslan needs the help of the medical staff.

24 minutes. Dovbyk on the flank met the resistance of two opponents at once, so Artem did not find an option to continue the attack and lost the ball.

22 min Dangerous moment in Ukraine! Mykolenko responded to the diagonal and went into the open space and scored, but the goalkeeper blocked the ball! And on the second attempt Vitaly couldn't hit the plane of the goal!

21 minutes. Malinowski tried to throw the ball behind the defenders in search of Shaparenko, but the defenders figured out the intention of the Ukrainian midfielder.

19 minutes. The game is currently developing at a rather slow pace. And at the moment so far - 1: 1, which indicates that today equal opponents oppose each other.

17 min Dangerous moment in Ireland! Parrott hit his head after the canopy from Knight, but the player of Ireland from a favorable position did not hit the far corner of the goal of Ukraine!

16 minutes. Malinowski crashed into Molamba, passing forward, and earned a penalty for Ukraine.

15 minutes. The butcher was the first to run to the ball, breaking a long diagonal performed by the Irish team on Hogan.

Photo by Yevhen Kraws

13 minutes. Ukraine has more possession of the ball in the debut part of the match, but the match takes place in a fairly even struggle.

11 min Dangerous moment in Ukraine! Malinowski spun in the confrontation with two defenders, went forward and struck a long shot - Kelleher parried the ball!

9 minutes. Ukraine's positional attack ended with an unsuccessful pass from Yarmolenko's heel to his partner. The Blue and Yellows lost the ball in the attack.

7 minutes. Matvienko played against Molumbi near the sideline, Ireland will score a free kick.

6 min "Ukraine is above all!" - is heard from the stands of the stadium in Lodz. For Ukraine today, this arena is truly home!

5 minutes. The vertical pass to Dovbyk ended with Collins confidently covering the ball with his body and not allowing the Ukrainian striker to continue the attack.

3 minutes. Ireland is trying to welcome Ukrainian players, but the hosts are happy with this tactical plan of the guests.

2 minutes. Knight was in a striking position near our goal, but Malinowski won the horse fight and turned the ball into a corner!

1 min Ireland starts the match from the center of the field!

Photo by Yevhen Kraws

Today Ukraine is playing in a blue set, and Ireland - in orange.

Dmytro Riznyk will play for Ukraine today! Interestingly, in the attack on the left, Alexander Petrakov entrusted the place to Nikolai Shaparenko!

The tribunes applaud the performance of the Ukrainian National Anthem. And the teams are already greeting each other on the background of banners Peace and Peace!

The national team of Ukraine, wrapped in the national flags and holding on to each other, performs Slaven!

And now the Ukrainian band Patsyky z Franyka performs the national anthem of Ukraine!

Photo by Yevhen Kraws

The teams have already entered the football field of the LKS Stadium in Łód "! And the Anthem of Ireland is heard!

Scotland defeated Armenia 4-1 on the road today, so to complete this international window in the first place in the group, the team of Alexander Petrakov must at least not lose in the home game from Ireland!

Ukraine has already beaten Ireland in the match of the first round of the UEFA League of Nations 2022/2023 - 1:0. The only goal of the match in Dublin was scored Viktor Tsygankov, who today starts the game from the bench.

The Ukraine-Ireland match concludes the football marathon that the blue and yellows had to hold since the beginning of June, first as part of the 2022 World Cup playoffs, and later in the UEFA League of Nations!

Photo by Yevhen Kraws

Good evening, dear fans! Today, the national team of Ukraine will play in the third match of the third cycle of the UEFA League of Nations against the team of Ireland.

The starting line-up of the national team of Ukraine: 23. Dmytro Riznyk, 16. Vitaliy Mykolenko, 22. Mykola Matvienko, 13. Ilya Zabarny, 21. Oleksandr Karavaev, 17. Oleksandr Zinchenko, 5. Serhiy Sydorchuk, 8. Ruslan Malinovsky, 10. Mykola Shaparenko, 7. Andriy Yarmolenko ( j), 11. Artem Dovbik.  

Substitutions: 1. Andriy Lunin, 2. Valery Bondar, 3. Taras Kacharaba, 4. Denis Popov, 6. Danilo Ignatenko, 9. Danilo Sikan, 14. Mykhailo Mudryk, 15. Viktor Tsygankov, 18. Oleksandr Sirota, 19. Eduard Sobol, 20. Alexander Zubkov.

Starting lineup of the national team of Ireland: 1. Quimin Kelleher, 4. Dara O'Shea, 5. Darra Lennihan, 6. Josh Cullen, 10. Troy Parrott, 11. James McClean (k), 12. Nathan Collins, 14. Alan Brown, 15. Alan Brown, 17. Jason Molambi, 19. Jason Knight, XNUMX. Scott Hogan.

Substitutions: 2. Cyrus Christie, 3. Enda Stevens, 7. Callum Robinson, 8. Conor Gurichan, 9. Will Keane, 13. Jeff Hendrick, 16. Max O'Leary, 18. Ryan Manning, 20. Chidozi Ogbene, 21. Si Jay Hamilton, 22. Festi Ebosele, 23. Mark Travers.

Official roster of the national team of Ukraine for the match (by numbers)

1. Andriy Lunin, 2. Valeriy Bondar, 3. Taras Kacharaba, 4. Denys Popov, 5. Serhiy Sydorchuk, 6. Danylo Ihnatenko, 7. Andriy Yarmolenko, 8. Ruslan Malinovskyi, 9. Danylo Sikan, 10. Mykola Shaparenko, 11. Artem Dovbyk, 13. Illia Zabarnyi, 14. Mykhailo Mudryk, 15. Viktor Tsygankov, 16. Vitaliy Mykolenko, 17. Oleksandr Zinchenko, 18. Oleksandr Syrota, 19. Eduard Sobol, 20. Oleksandr Zubkov, 21. Oleksandr Karavaev, 22. Mykola Matviyenko, 23. Dmytro Riznyk.

Roman Yaremchuk and Oleksandr Pikhalyonok, who are currently in Lodz, were not included in the official roster.

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