Artem Dovbyk: “Everyone was a little tired and full. The game was viscous, in the hands of the national team of Ireland "

Forward of the national team of Ukraine Artem Dovbyk commented on the draw in the match against Ireland (1:1) in the League of Nations, in which he scored the only goal of our team.

- The fight turned out to be very emotional. What do you associate it with?

- I think everyone somewhere is a little tired, fed up. The game was viscous, in the hands of the Irish national team.

- How could you miss the first ball from Collins?

- There was a chain of mistakes. I think we will analyze this point, and there will be no such mistakes in the future.

- What did Captain Andriy Yarmolenko say in the "emotional circle" before the match?

- He encouraged us. He told us not to play long passes like the Irish, but to try to control the ball, to move the opponent from flank to flank.

- How do you assess Dmytro Riznyk's debut in official tournaments?

- I think he played well, I'm sure. I wish him good matches in the future.

- Yarmolenko assisted you from the right ...

- He understood like a master. All I had to do was hit the gate.

- Did we lose two points or win one?

- For such a game, I think the score is natural.

- What conclusions can be drawn after the June matches?

- We played well in the League of Nations. Somewhere there was already fatigue, but everyone played, knowing that you have to give your all.

- We now have seven points, although it could be nine. A little annoying?

- It's a pity, but it's football. That's OK. I think we will correct this situation in the future.

- Alexander Petrakov praised the team. Do you agree with him?

- Yes, all well done, gave all forces.

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