League of Nations-2022/2023. Ukraine — Scotland — 0:0 (text broadcast)

Today in Krakow the national team of Ukraine will meet the team of Scotland in its sixth match of the 2022/2023 Nations League draw (the meeting starts at 21.45:XNUMX p.m. Kyiv time). We will remind, blue-yellow take second place in to the first group of division B, where they perform together with the teams of Ireland, Scotland and Armenia. According to the regulations, the winner of the group will receive a ticket to League A, and the last team of the quartet in the next cycle will play in League C. 

90+4 min. The referee's final whistle. Unfortunately, the national team of Ukraine drew with the team of Scotland - 0:0, takes second place in group B1 and will not play in the elite division of European competitions.

90 + 2 min. Dangerous moment of Ukraine! Stepanenko missed the goal with a header after a corner kick!

90 min. Kutovy earns the national team of Ukraine. The time compensated by the referee has already passed!

87 min. Replacements in Ukraine. Zubkov and Pikhalyonok enter the football field instead of Yarmolenko and Malinovsky.

86 minutes. Lunin caught the ball after a cross by Kingsley from the left flank.

84 minutes. Yellow card for Dykes, which elbow he played against Matvienko!

82 minutes. Malinowski sent a long pass forward into the fight, but it was won by Porteus, who headed the ball over the goalkeeper.

80 min. Substitute. Adams leaves the field, enters the Dykes game in Scotland.

79 min Dangerous moment of Ukraine! Stepanenko caught the ball to the left and kicked the ball - the ball flew past the far post!

78 minutes. Yarmolenko made a passing pass from the right flank, but none of the Ukrainian players responded to this pass. The ball is knocked away.

Photo by Pavlo Kubanov

77 minutes. Mykolenko on the flank in the attack received a wonderful transfer to the move, and only a backup from the Scottish defender interrupted this breakthrough by Vitaliy. Corner for Ukraine.

75 min. Yaremchuk and Tsygankov are substituted for the Ukrainians instead of Mudryk and Dovbyk.

73 minutes. The Scots are trying to slow down the pace of the game, time is playing for the visiting team.

71 min. Kingsley replaces Taylor in the Scotland squad. Armstrong and Christy also come out instead of Fraser and Jack.

70 minutes. Dovbyk broke through to the goal of the Scots after a vertical pass from Zabarny - and Artem was offside again!

69 minutes. Scotland earn a corner after McGregor's long shot and a rebound from Malinowski.

67 minutes. A Scots corner ended with Lunin finding himself in full possession in the penalty area on a cross from McLean.

65 minutes. One of the rare offsides in Scotland. It was McLean who was above all Ukrainian defenders.

64 minutes. Yarmolenko sent Tymchyk into the free zone on the flank with a touch pass, but Oleksandr did not have enough speed and field to reach this pass. Goal kick.

63 minutes. Ukraine's dangerous moment! Malinovsky made a dangling pass from a free kick to the far post, and there Zabarny was unable to cross the leatherman into the goal!

62 min. Mudryk picked off Giki on the wing, and he blatantly violated the rules, earning a yellow card.

61 minutes. The game was frankly sped up with the participation of the Ukrainian national team. The hosts are trying to find happiness at the guests' goal with quick and vertical attacks.

Photo by Pavlo Kubanov

60 minutes. Dovbyk could not beat Gordon! But after that the linesman raised the flag - offside.

59 minutes. In single combat, Dovbyk pressed the defender near the Scots' possession and broke the rules, failing to take the ball away.

58 minutes. Stepanenko was looking for partners in the penalty area with an overhand pass from the right wing, but Mudryk did not reach the area, which flew out of bounds.

56 minutes. Mykolenko and Giki had a small misunderstanding on the street. The Scotsman did not want to give the ball to the Ukrainian so that he would throw out.

54 minutes. Another offside from Dovbyk after a vertical shot from Yarmolenko. The Scottish defenders play high and so far reliably catch the Ukrainians in offside traps.

53 minutes. With a long pass from deep, Matvienko looked for Yarmolenko's rush behind the defenders, but, unfortunately, our winger was offside.

51 min Dangerous moment of Ukraine! Mudryk's next breakthrough ended with a shot at Ignatenko and a shot by the midfielder from a long distance - the ball flew into the goalkeeper's hands!

50 minutes. Lunin confidently took the ball into his hands, being the first on the heel after a passing pass from the left half-wing from Fraser.

48 min. Ukraine's dangerous moment! Gordon pulled the ball after a shot from outside the penalty area into the far corner from Mudryk!

47 minutes. Taylor struck a long shot from 20 meters above the goal of the national team of Ukraine.

46 min. The second half of the match between Ukraine and Scotland starts. A match in which the Ukrainians only need a victory to win the League of Nations group and make their way to the elite division of the competition! The Ukrainians spread the ball from the center of the field.

45+2 min. The first half is over. The account was never opened - 0:0. The national team of Ukraine had chances for a goal, but did not realize them. We hope that the Petrakov guys will be able to do it after the break.

45 minutes. The referee compensated 2 minutes before the regular time of the first half.

43 minutes. Mudryk found Tymchyk on the wing, and Oleksandr made a sharp cross to the far post with a ricochet from the defender - the ball went for a corner, but the referee pointed to a goal kick!

Photo by Pavlo Kubanov

41 minutes. Ukraine's dangerous moment! Stepanenko shot from a distance with his left foot, and Dovbyk didn't have enough time to put his foot down and direct the ball into the plane of the Scots' goal!

39 minutes. Mykolenko made a great pass from the wing to Malinovskyi in the penalty area, but Ruslan shot very poorly without handling the ball!

37 minutes. The stadium explodes with slogans "Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the heroes!". Today, Ukrainian football players should definitely feel at home in Krakow.

36 minutes. Dovbyk was clearly offside, who ran to the goal of the Scots, but was unable to open the door of the guests.

35 minutes. Ukraine's dangerous moment! After a corner kick, Stepanenko did not hit the plane of Gordon's goal with his head! A ball flew past the post!

34 minutes. Malinovsky quickly broke into the possession of the guests, but the attack of the Ukrainians did not end with a final blow!

33 minutes. Ignatenko tried to pass forward either to Dovbyk or to Mudryk. Be that as it may, the Ukrainians lost the ball, which passed to the Scots.

31 min. Scotland's Dangerous Moment! A series of corners from the Scottish national team ended with Jack's shot from close range! It was lucky for the Ukrainians that he didn't hit Lunin's goal - above the crossbar!

30 minutes. There is a lot of lack in the combination game of the national team of Ukraine. Only the hosts try to speed up the game in control, as they lose the ball after the second or third pass.

28 minutes. Jack pushed Ignatenko in the back in the center. There is a lot of fighting on the football field, much less football so far.

27 min. Another mustard seed for the national team of Ukraine. Ignatenko played dangerously against Giki in the tackle.

26 minutes. The fans of the Ukrainian national team experienced anxious moments. Team Petrakov really needs a goal!

25 min. VAR and the referee cancel the penalty! The ball still hit Stepanenko in the shoulder!

24 min. The referee gives a penalty to the Ukrainians for handball!

23 min. Yellow card for Yarmolenko for an aggressive tackle against McLean!

22 min Dangerous moment of Ukraine! Dovbyk avoided offside and fell out to meet the goalkeeper, but punched straight into Gordon's hands! Another chance for the hosts wasted!

21 minutes. Malinovsky made a split pass to Dovbyk, Artem received the ball and hit hard past the far post. But later the referee whistled the striker for offside.

19 minutes. The Ukrainians fight back with the efforts of Lunin and the defenders after another standard from the Scottish team.

17 minutes. McGinn made a free-kick hovering at the far post, but none of his partners were there.

Photo by Pavlo Kubanov

16 min. Hickey earned a free kick for the Scots and a yellow card for Mudryk.

15 minutes. The referee whistled for a foul on Malinowski's step on Frazier in the center. Ruslan is not satisfied with the decision of the match official.

14 minutes. Mykolenko lost Hickey's fight on the wing, trying to get possession of the ball after a long diagonal from Lunin. Out for guests.

12 minutes. The Scots took control of the ball and possessed it without much progress in the second third of the field.

10 minutes. Malinovsky gave a long vertical to Tymchyk, who offered himself in a free zone in the attack, but the referee recorded offside.

8 minutes. Ukraine's dangerous moment! Yarmolenko does not score into an empty net after a high-speed raid into Mudryk's penalty area and a shot at the far post! Our team loses a super chance!

6 minutes. Zabarny was looking for a diagonal shot on the left flank of Mykolenko's attack, but Vitaly did not have time to catch the ball and rolled against the opponent, not even according to the rules.

5 minutes. McGinn pushed Zabarny in the back during a duel on the wing. Penalty for Ukraine.

3 minutes. The Ukrainians play the ball in their own half of the field, and the Scots try to press Petrakov's boys high.

2 minutes. Scotland's Dangerous Moment! McGinn made a pass to Adams in the penalty area, and he shot into touch, and only the ricochet saved our team from trouble!

1 min. The match started with the Scots playing the ball in the center of the field!

The Scottish national team will play today in a white set of uniforms, while the Ukrainians have chosen a blue uniform for the game.

Raised Ukrainian flags at "Krakow" reminded of the times when everything was good in our country, and the national team played to the accompaniment of support at "Lviv Arena", "Metalist" OSK, "Olympiyskiy" NSC and other football stadiums!

Photo by Pavlo Kubanov

Football players lined up in front of the central stand! The national anthems of Scotland and Ukraine are playing!

The teams are already leaving the tribune space on the football field! Ukrainians are already traditionally wrapped in the flags of their native country!

Thousands of Ukrainian fans who found refuge in Krakow due to the full-scale Russian military invasion of Russia will support the Ukrainian national team at "Krakowia" today. Among them is a star fan and a legendary player of the national team. Andriy Pyatov is present at the match today as the new ambassador of the Ukrainian national team!

Identical weather to Ukrainian weather is currently prevailing in Krakow, where the decisive meeting between the national teams of Ukraine and Scotland in the League of Nations will take place. 14 degrees above zero and cloudy weather - the players will have to run around nicely in the conditions of a fresh football evening.

Ukrainian fans want to continue the festive evening! Just an hour ago, the youth national team of Ukraine defeated the team of Slovakia in the return match of the 2023 European Championship qualification playoffs with a score of 3:0 and made it to the final part of the tournament!

The Scottish national team suffered a lot of losses before this match. Defenders Andy Robertson, Nathan Patterson, Scott McKenna, Kieran Tierney and midfielder Scott McTominay are all out for various reasons - injuries and suspensions. In addition, the coach of the team, Steve Clark, complained about the virus that affected the players of his team after the match with Ireland in the League of Nations (2:1). So it is not surprising that the Scots will go to the match against the Ukrainians with a 5-4-1 defensive scheme and try not to lose in Krakow.

Oleksandr Petrakov fielded a hybrid team after the away defeat against Scotland (0:3) and the away rout over Armenia (5:0). Taras Stepanenko will unexpectedly play in the center of defense, and the pair of Ruslan Malinovskyi and Danylo Ignatenko will play in the center of the field. Mykhailo Mudryk is also returning to the starting line-up, who will play on the left in the attack.

Winner takes all! Today, the national teams of Ukraine and Scotland will have 90 minutes to decide in a head-to-head battle who is more worthy to win Group B1 in the Nations League! Ukraine will be satisfied only with a victory, the Scots will agree to a draw.

Good evening, dear fans! Today, the national team of Ukraine will play in the UEFA Nations League match against the team of Scotland.

It should be recalled just a win over Scotland will allow the Ukrainian national team to finish first in the quartet. In case of success, along with three points, the Ukrainian team will receive:

— a ticket to the elite division — League A for the 2024/2025 season;

— as the winner of the League of Nations group — an additional chance to fight for a pass to Euro-2024 in the playoffs, if it does not get to the championship due to qualification;

— a place in the second basket during the Euro-2024 selection draw.

The starting line-up of the national team of Ukraine: 12. Andriy Lunin, 16. Vitaly Mykolenko, 22. Mykola Matvienko, 13. Ilya Zabarny, 18. Oleksandr Tymchyk, 6. Taras Stepanenko, 8. Ruslan Malinovskyi, 14. Danylo Ignatenko, 10. Mykhailo Mudryk, 7. Andriy Yarmolenko ( k), 11. Artem Dovbyk.

Substitutions: 1. Yevhen Volynets, 2. Valery Bondar, 3. Bohdan Mykhailichenko, 4. Serhiy Kryvtsov, 5. Eduard Sarapii, 9. Roman Yaremchuk, 15. Viktor Tsygankov, 17. Oleksandr Pikhalyonok, 19. Taras Kacharaba, 20. Oleksandr Zubkov, 21. Oleksandr Karavaev, 23. Dmytro Riznyk.

Starting line-up of the Scotland national team: 1. Craig Gordon, 3. Greg Taylor, 5. Ryan Porteous, 7. John McGinn (c), 8. Callum McGregor, 10. Che Adams, 13. Jack Hendry, 19. Ryan Fraser, 20. Ryan Jack, 22. Aaron Gickey, 23. Kenny McLean

Substitutions: 2. Declan Gallagher, 6. Stephen Kingsley, 9. Lyndon Dykes, 11. Ryan Christie, 12. Liam Kelly, 14. Billy Gilmour, 15. Barry McKay, 16. Anthony Rolston, 17. Stuart Armstrong, 18. Josh Doig, 21. Robbie McCrory

Official roster of the national team of Ukraine for the match (by numbers)

1. Yevhen Volynets, 2. Valery Bondar, 3. Bohdan Mykhailichenko, 4. Serhiy Kryvtsov, 5. Eduard Sarapiy, 6. Taras Stepanenko, 7. Andriy Yarmolenko, 8. Ruslan Malinovskyi, 9. Roman Yaremchuk, 10. Mykhailo Mudryk, 11. Artem Dovbyk, 12. Andriy Lunin, 13. Ilya Zabarny, 14. Danylo Ignatenko, 15. Viktor Tsygankov, 16. Vitaly Mykolenko, 17. Oleksandr Pikhalyonok, 18. Oleksandr Tymchyk, 19. Taras Kacharaba, 20. Oleksandr Zubkov, 21. Oleksandr Karavaev, 22. Mykola Matvienko, 23. Dmytro Riznyk.

Of those football players who are in Krakow, midfielder Serhii Sydorchuk, who was disqualified for the game with Scotland, did not make it to the application.

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